2006 KH Frame

Well, boys, girls, here it is!

I want to see the WHOLE 2006 unicycle. With major awsome spectacular changes. :slight_smile:

Did you buy it, or is it just a picture you found?

I’m not going to say it’s a pretty frame, but it looks impressive…

I think I will stick to the 2005 frame.
The 2006 model has to mutch welding.
It’s a little stronger than, I guess but I don’t like the look of the welding.

Is the crown higher??

Why would you change anyway? No use changing frames untill you wreck one :smiley: and that’s difficult…

I agree with forrestunifreak, I’d like to see the complete unicycle, I’m getting the old model (for a brilliant price, did I miss something?

wow, that crown looks weird.
i wonder how much difference it makes to grippage.

I love it, not sure why but it is deffianitly very cool

hmmm i’m not too keen on it i dont like the new welds the grip is pretty kool though

Is it because '06 is about to be released that '05 has gone up in price last year (from a hundred or so to a couple of hundred bucks)?
I’m guessing they stopped producing '05 so it doubled in price.

I think it looks amazing i would love one.



Woah! I Like It!

that looks sick, the welds are a bit over bored though since more bead dosent make much of a difference in strength

I didn’t buy a whole new unicycle, I built one last summer, then when the new KH frame came out in August, I got one of those. It was too short to fit over a Gazz, so I talked to Darren Bedford and he told me that he’d send me a replacement when they came out around December. It took longer than expected, and I just got the new frame yesterday. The only changes I see so far is the removal of the noodles, knurling of the crown, modified gusset, and 1 cm taller legs. The decals are also slightly different.

I took the pictures of the frames myself.

sweet! iam goint to get one when my 05 is wrecked!

The welds are a bit ugly and uneven. But that’s what you get with higher volume manufacture.

It would be neat if Kris had a few Pro frames made again to higher specifications and with better welds and such. Have a few frames made by a respected domestic bike company like Ventana. If you have ever seen a Ventan aluminum bike you know that the welds are a work of art.

Thank you Evan! I’m glad you think that.

I think its pretty cool looking. I wanna see a picture of the awesome changes though.

aaawwwww its still blue…