2006 Kh 24"

Originally bought from unicycle.com, this is a lightly used kh24. Comes mounted with a Duro 3.0 and corresponding thorn resistant tube (lots of tread left). Also included is a smaller 24x2.0 tire and tube for street riding.
Pedals are Snafu with removable pins, and everything else is stock. Also has mounting for a brake if you need to add one.

The unicycle rides perfect. Its a lightly used KH. What do you expect? Completely solid through and through. No wiggles, wobbles, warps, or whipples. There is, however, a small tear in the seat, about the width of a finger. Its towards the rear in the “leather” part and doesnt seem to have a propensity for widening, but it should probably be sewn up anyway.

$350 shipped, USA only.
Id prefer payment through paypal for peace of mind of both parties.




its a good deal. I would be all over it if I hadn’t just got a new 24"

i would to but


PM sent.

That is mint…good price but USA only and I dont have money…Hope you sell it. :slight_smile:

Is this unicycle still for sale or did SqueakyOnion get it?

Take Care,
unicyclingdad :slight_smile:

Technically still available.

Squeak sounds like he wants it, but hasnt pulled the funds together yet. Sposed to know by tomorrow (wed). If I havent closed this thread by tomorrow evening, send me a pm unidad.

Thanks for the info… I do hope everything works out for SqueakyOnion.

Take Care,
unicyclingdad :slight_smile:

Sold. Congrats Squeak. :slight_smile: