2006 IUF Rulebook Draft in the reviewing stage

The 2006 International Unicycling Federation Competition Rulebook is now in review. These are the rules that will be used at Unicon XIII next summer in Langenthal, Switzerland. If there are any changes to the rules that will be used, there will be notification on the Unicon web site and elsewhere.

The 2006 Rulebook was arrived at after a long process of proposals and discussion. This takes place in the IUF Rulebook Committee. You can see the proposals that passed here:
Those proposals represent what has changed since the previous edition of the IUF Rulebook.

The proposal process is now closed, so new changes for 2006 are not open for discussion. If you have ideas, those are always welcome. They can be proposed for the next version (probably 2008).

You can help
If you like proofreading (or perhaps nitpicking is a better term for these forums) we need to find any errors in the document. Please note that some of the formatting isn’t complete, so you may see a few extra blank pages. We know about those but otherwise the text is considered to be complete.

The document is available in three different forms, at this link:

Happy reading!

Previous versions of the IUF Rulebook can be found here:

Please note the HTML version dates back to 1998. Large sections remain unchanged since then, but others have changed drastically.