Any ideas on the dates? Just thinking ahead. :roll_eyes:

2007 you mean?

EDIT: Whoops sorry, for some reason I thought you were planning ahead for next years Moab Muni Fest.

I don’t know but I WANT TO COME!!!

It will be in September. We are researching weekends to see if there are any conflicts. If you are aware of any (such as the Portland Juggling Fest or other) please let me know. The Berkeley Juggling/Unicycling Festival will be in October.

Northstar is out; they are not open for bikes this year. Tahoe Rim Trail is very likely, as is Lloyd Johnson’s driveway for a Street and possibly Trials competitions. Maybe we’ll go back to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (2000). We’re also looking at logistics for the Downieville Downhill, which was very popular in 2003.

The event name is the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend (the original MUni Weekend).

could the weekend be in august instead? because I have alot going on in september( bar mitvah/ other stuff)

Miles, if things like that were planned so every single person was free it would probably never happen.

Yes, that was an awesome ride. I’d love to do that one again.

To be accurate, the Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival will be September 29-October 1.

If we’re going to be in Tahoe, I would strongly suggest at least one ride which involves lake scenery.

Mazeltov on the barmitzvah (yours or someone else’s)! Jacquie and I aren’t getting back from our Unicon trip until August 13, so August is very unlikely. For anyplace other than Tahoe, I’d also avoid it because of the potential for temps over 100 degrees, but Tahoe is much cooler. In fact, we got snowed on in 2004!

Noted. Definitely not that weekend, and I’m going to scour the previous weekend to see if there’s anything already there.

I agree. The Flume Trail is the best scenery ride I know of, but it’s long and not technical. Tahoe Rim is a much more interesting ride, a little less long, and sharing some of the same scenery. Mr. Toads does not offer much in terms of lake view. We will be looking into new trail possibilities as well. An official MUni Weekend thread will start up when we have more to announce…

Ill come to the Berekly Jugglin Fest since its close are there any other unicycle things in Berkely?

ok, I hope it’ll be a weekend when I can come :roll_eyes:

We have a weekly unicycle basketball game (Tuesdays at 7:00, Strawberry Creek Park), and a mailing list where we put together MUni rides and such. Send me your email and I’ll put you on the list.

August? Probably too hot! :astonished:

I’d love to not sprain my ankle the day before so i can ride it.

What is the fee for the weekend?

yeah that almost happend to me right before the moab Muni Fest. Since we still had snow when the Moab Fest was on i fell while muni riding in the snow and hurt my hand/arm. It hurt like a bugger! But it was good enouph to ride on by the time Moab Fest came around.

i have a good idea for a trail, but its a LONG uphill first.
i’d have to check with the local assosiation… but we’d ride up and then down hawks peak via tahoe donner XC ski trails.