2006 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, Sept. 22-24

Location: Lake Tahoe and Downieville (tentative)

Actually, a lot of stuff is tentative. Here’s the current plan:

Friday, Sept. 22: Downieville Downhill. We drive from Truckee to the top of the trail (Packer Saddle) and either shuttle back up or ride the commerical Downieville shuttles.

Saturday, Sept. 23: Street Freestyle competition at Lloyd Johnson’s house, with possible Trials competition also (depends on course being built). Then lunch, then a ride on the Sawtooth Trail in Truckee. Finishing with a group dinner and awards/prize distribution.

Sunday, Sept. 24: Tahoe Rim Trail (Nevada).

Currently I have sketchy information on the web site:

Expect a registration form to follow in a few days, along with further information. Registration cost will be minimal; similar to previous years. But at least it’s safe to book your flights and vacation time, so get going! Nearest airport is Reno. Main location will be Truckee, so base your Googling on that.

We plan to book a cabin or two for people to share, and Lloyd Johnson is again opening his house to strangers. But he’s going to limit the number of guests this time, so reserve your spaces (cabin or Lloyd’s) early. At this point, that’s a phone call for Lloyd’s (see web site), or an email to me for cabin space. That’s an email, not posts in this thread. My email is in the footer of all my posts, or go to the web site and link to me from there.

Your ideas, suggestions, thoughts, offers of help, etc. are all welcome!

Aww, I was going to go, but went to NAUCC instead! I maybe could still go, but I would have to pay for the whole trip out of my pocket… So I guess not.

90% chance I can come!!! WOOT

Why so few replys? Im In.

I am going to try to go.

Downieville and the Tahoe Rim trail are my two most memorable rides from the CMWs I have been to, making this (tentatively) the dream muni weekend for me. I certainly hope to be there.


i’m going to see if i can go.

Here’s a question: Why is it called the “california” muni weekend, when it’s in NEVADA??? :astonished: :thinking:

Downieville is in California, and Lake Tahoe is partially in California. :thinking:

I’m going to try my best to make it. I’ve been so busy with life lately that traveling to ride has been out of the question. Hopefully I’ll have time to drive up there come September.

I’m hoping to make it there! My brother may fly me out there in his 2-seater! It’s a “husky”, and does about 120-130 mph depending on headwind/tailwind. I guess we’d land in Reno, or maybe even find a small landing strip/airport in the immediate area. The only major factor will be the weather, so I would have to be ready to drive the 500+ miles in case we couldn’t fly.


Or you could pack 2 Munis on your back and ride the third one eh terry?:wink:

Now your’e using your head!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m already there.

Oh, and If anyone is planning on coming early, let me know and I could arrange a ride in the Reno/Tahoe area or at at a local skatepark or something, on the thurs/wednesday before.

There might be one right in Truckee, which would save you 45-60 minutes driving. There is also one at South Lake Tahoe, but it’s at the opposite end of the lake so the drive may be longer than from Reno. Please note that weather can be variable at that time of year; we did get snowed on in 2004 and the elevation in Truckee is going to be around 6000’ plus.

hawaii boy coming

Glad to see the posting. But shouldn’t this be on news and annoucements since it’s the oldest and most prestigous muni event? Don’t want anybody to miss out.

Google Earth Stuff

I’ve created a google earth file with data for the california muni weekend.
Here it is (right-click save):

If you’d like to add to it or edit it, feel free. Not sure if you can attach those files here.

I’ve included directions from the Reno Airport to Truckee and from Truckee to Downieville.
Also, I found on the web a google earth file about the Rim Trail. That’s the whole rim. I’m not sure what part is planned for the weekend.

It would also be cool to get the Downieville Trails mapped in google earth.


any idea where the cabins will be?


That link doesn’t work. I can’t “save” anything, and a regular click gets a page filled with gobbledigook.

depending on what browser you are using, you should be able to right-click then ‘save target as…’ or ‘save link as…’

then save the file somewhere. you need to have google earth installed to use it though.