2006 British Unicycle Convention 13 12th - 14th May 2006

:slight_smile: Hi Fellow Unicyclists
At last!! The official announcement that the BUC 2006 will be held in Scarborough. Details below! I’m sorry this has taken so long but with one thing and another (being ill with a flu bug for nearly 6 weeks doesn’t help!!) getting people to confirm things is so frustrating!!

12th – 14th May 2006

Pindar School & Leisure Centre
Moor Lane
North Yorkshire
YO11 3LX

There will obviously be more details soon on the website, but for now put the dates in your diaries and book the time off if you have too.
There will be all the usual things plus some amazing Muni-rides. Watch this space…OK you can stop watching it now!

If you need more info and you can’t wait, contacts are below

Steve Grainger – stevegrain@aol.com - 01386 550260 (Office), 07970 107845 (Mobile)


Steve Roper - steve@scarboroughjuggling.co.uk - 01723 502000 (daytime), 01723 364949 (evenings and weekends)


Graham Hudson

Graham works as a teacher in the George Pindar Community Sports College:)

Hurrah, its official.

Steve, is it out door or indoor camping this year?


Would be great if someone take Videos of that event and contribute a cut of it to unicycle.tv after. We are looking for Videos like that. A country convention gives a good impression how people like to ride in that country.
So if there is something who still know that he will be there with an Video Cam, please contact us under olaf@unicycle.tv

I believe a “woohoo!” is in order.

Excellent!!! Looking forward to it already :slight_smile:


The dates are in my diary :smiley:

If last years Scarborough juggling and unicycle convention (at the same venue) is anything to by it’ll be outdoor camping.

Hopefully they’ll be time to go to the awesome local downhill and Roger can ride it with a seat this time :wink:



Yeh ill be heading up from Bristol if anyone is need of a lift.


OOOOOHHH! Exciting news!!!

Will there be a trials section again?

The website is up http://www.unicycle.org.uk/buc13/

The flyers that were being given out at SWUM last weekend have the wrong web address on.


will there be pre-reg this year?

The design’s improvable but all the detail is there (and whoever put Tubbs & Edward as the picture for the local shops deserves a medal). I think (looking at the stuff thats up already) that some sensible recommendations need to be made, such as long trousers & sleeves when riding on the astroturf. That stuff strips skin like nothing else, being a mixture of sand and abrasive plastic ‘grass’, and it could be a nightmare if you keep falling onto it.


Hmm can’t see any mention of where the hockey will be :thinking:

At the Scarborough juggling and unicycle convention we played on the astoturf and it was not nice (I’m being polite). I hope that’s not the plan for BUC…

BTW hall 1 would be nice :wink:

I think it was hinted on the website for the place for hockey to be on that astoturf or that might of been my mind playing tricks on me :slight_smile: i dont mind where hockey is at really :stuck_out_tongue: but im sure there will be space and time in some of the halls for it.


I hope so too, if either of the steves is watching this thread, how about traders and practise space in hall 2, and hall 1 for hockey, basketball, freestyle comp ,workshops, games etc.


Yeh its a good idea to keep one hall free for all the big stuff, im happy because i practice till early hours so nothing happens :smiley:

Buc 13

Hi Sarah
It’s outdoor at the moment but we’re working on having both.

Buc 13

Hi Olaf
I have asked a friend of mine who is in his last year at uni doing something like film & media studies and he’s a wizard at doing videos. He has said that if he’s free he will do one for us so keep watching this space…

Buc 13

Yes, there will definatley be a trials. Steve Roper is in the process of ordering LOADS!!! of palets. There is currently being built a skate park right outside the front door of the leisure centre so keep your fingers crossed it will be ready in time.

Is that Tom? the people that did the other one didnt do a very good job i thought, it was orientated around them and there friends rather then the convention.