2006 Bridge Pedal in Portland OR

I’ll be Cokering at the Bridge Pedal in Portland in 2006 and I thought it woud be fun to get a group of uni riders together for the event. Anyone interested in riding as a group/pack/herd? Bridge Pedal is a 25 mile ride over 10 Portland Bridges that usually attracts about 15,000 riders. There are also shorter rides that go over fewer bridges, but use a similar route. Last year Bridge Pedal was August 14 and for 2006 I think it will be August 13.

The entire route is closed to vehicle traffic for the event and sure it is a bit of a zoo, especially at the start line, it usually thins out later in the ride.

Anyone interested?
Any all-weather Coker riders out there in Portland??

For more on Bridge Pedal see:


Sounds like a great idea.

Be sure to send a reminder as the event gets closer. We tend to have a short attention span.

Sounds like a blast, although 15,000 is a lot of riders. We’ll need to herd up just for defensive purposes.

I’d definitely be up for it if I’m not out of state that weekend. Perhaps we could combine it with a tour of some of JC’s favorite Oregon watering holes.

Like Unibrier says about the reminder…next summer’s family plans aren’t solid yet.

dudlydoride did it this year…sounded like an alright event on a uni but there is difinatly a problem with slow speed crowding and parent-less kids wobbling into you.

i think he said the “wheres your other wheel” comment meter was around 100 times.

I like bridges. Portland is close by. We can probably commute to an event like that.

Yes it is, but we did the NYC Five Boro Bike Tour starting in 1985 with about 25,000 riders. It works. Yes, the relatively short distance will draw a more casual crowd (less-skilled cyclists). The NYC tour would have traffic jams every time there was an uphill; mostly at the 59th St. Bridge (200’+ uphill).

Sounds like a very fun ride!

My sister is getting married in Portland about a week later. I’m going to see if I can make it out there early for this. Sounds like one hell of a good time.

2006 Bridge Pedal

Yes, I’ll post a reminder closer to the event in early summer

Yes, the slow speed crowding at the start does require some zen breathing, but many of the young children and careless riders are there for the shorter courses that only cover a few of the bridges.

As for the “other wheel” comments, its all fun. I never worry about that too much as Portland is home to a plethora of bicycle diversity and oddities like tall-bike jousters, art/sculpture bikes and a few penny farthings, so with all that other stuff to rubber-neck at, a gaggle of uni riders should be just barely on the left side of normal on the bike freakyness scale at Bridge Pedal.