2006 Blackwood Ride and Feed [writeup]

The 4th Annual Ride and Feed, hosted by none other than Tom, Marie, and Miles Blackwood, happened yesterday. The amounts of unicycles were in the low-to-mid-millions, and the riders? Roughly eleven people on the trails, and a few non-riders. Tom Jackson, Greg Harper, John Childs, Tyler Cox, Tom Blackwood, Doc George, and Miles Blackwood, Logan, and Irene Genelin were the unicyclists, Alex, Jenn, and Adrian were the bicyclists, and Mr. & Mrs. Genelin, Marie Blackwood, Karen Harper, Sorija, Silas, and some other parents didn’t attend the rides.

We all started out at the Blackwood household. We laid our unis in the front yard, and then proceeded into the food production facility. Scones, jam, cream cheese, and a whole bunch of other delicious food awaited, not to mention the great juice and coffee. We ate and drank up, just before heading out to the first ride of the day.

The first ride circled a lake, and lead us to a perfect technical muni playground! There were berms, drops, roots, stumps, hills, spills, and some kids on BMX bikes filming us with their camera phone. Us kids totally had them convinced, before he arrived, that Harper was a raging maniac that was completely insane. When he arrived, all the kids were like, “Is that him? For real? Duuuude!” Anyway, we played around there for quite awhile, tackling a pretty steep, yet doable, berm. On that berm, was one of the worst accidents of the day - Irene bailed and not only knocked the wind out of herself but also bruised her leg. Tom and Irene decided to head home, but the rest rode on.

We came to a dock on the lake, that had a box-like upraised platform in the middle, supposedly for sitting on, but were we just going to sit? No way…we dropped, hopped, grabbed, and gapped! We efficiently pedal-marked the wood, but hey, we didn’t live there! :wink: After almost pushing Adrian off the rail into the water, testing the strength of my Nalgene bottle, and watching Harper almost kill himself on the railing, we headed home.

There, we had meat loaf burgers, hotdogs, chicken, salmon, and various munchies (from the Blackwoods), Greek orzo salad (from the Harpers), habanero sauce and hot pickles (from JC), timarisu (from Tom Jackson), and a certain somebody provided a coffee can of delish chocolate chip cookies! I’m sure I missed something with all that great food, so just go ahead and send me the leftovers and I’ll add it to the list… :slight_smile:

After eating, chatting, and hammocking for quite some time, we freestyled in the road, and then headed to another slightly more difficult trail, lacking Greg, Irene, and Pete. We climbed a really steep hill, and finally met up with Jenn, Sorija, and Silas playing at a park. I dropped off of any drop I could find at the playground, and practiced riding skinnies with JC. Everybody else mostly stood around while Miles, Adrian, Sorija, and Alex played on the toys.

We made our way home, to find my dad waiting to pick me up. After chatting for some time, and giving our thanks to the Blackwoods, my dad and I ran off. What a stellar ride!

Thanks for riding, everybody, and for hosting us, Tom, Marie, and Miles!

Tom’s Gallery is HERE
Tyler’s Gallery is HERE

Excellent writeup, Tyler. We’re such a sleazy group that we contract out our ride writeup jobs to child labor now. Well, at least he’s the most literate of the bunch.

Thanks to the Blackwoods for their infinite generosity. I’m sure their neighbors are left scowling for weeks after our departure but in time they forget and then we return the following year.

Irene took a bad spill and really pasted her thigh hard. You only get hit where there is no protective gear. Odd how that works. My wife, Karen, did venture out onto the lake loop trail on bicycle. She stopped to watch our log and berm ride antics until she could take no more faceplants.

Sounds fun, looks fun, how long was it?

Time wise? Around 8 hours total, and maybe 3 or 4 hours unicycling.
Distance wise? I dunno, not very long, just because we played around on the technical muni stuff mostly instead of riding the trails constantly.

Excellent write up Tyler! I also enjoyed looking at your photos. You make some great funky faces.

I’m glad you liked my mom’s chocolate chip cookies!

THANK YOU to the Blackwoods. It was a wonderful day. My parents also enjoyed themselves and want to send their thanks.

I’m still walking funny from the spill I took, but I’m determined to get better by this weekend for the Mt. Diablo challenge in California!


Kewl write-up Tyler, it feels like I was there.

I think I’m well enough known around here to lend some credence to my claim of not being a spell-nazi.
Tiramisu is my favouritest dessert in all the world, bar nothing, not even another Guinness, and the thought of Tyler going around in this world with an incorrect spelling of such a heavenly delight does not sit well with me.
Since he only switched the ‘m’ and the ‘r’, I suspect it was just a case of the fingers being faster than the bnair. You may have to lay off the double espressos Tyler. One can never be too carefull tho.