2005 TOque Games, March 4 - 6 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am excited to announce the launch of the 2005 TOque Games website and open registration up to all …

For those of you unfamiliar with the TOque Games …
It is a three day long multi discipline unicycle competition and exhibition that takes place in conjunction with the Toronto International Bike Show. You can compete in a multi category trials competition, UMX (Uni-cross), long jump and high jump events.

New items for this year …

  • Much larger competition area (3 times the size of last year’s area)
  • Bedford Unicycles Best Trick Competition
  • Dedicated long jump and high jump zones (they will be setup for the entire weekend)
  • Welcome registration packages
  • Category advancement (if you competed in last years TOque Games and placed in the top 3 in a category you will be bumped up to the next category this year)
  • Crowning of the 2005 TOque Meister (overall TOque Games Champion)

While a lot of information still needs to be added to the site the most important information is currently available. The entire site will be available in three languages … English, French and German. Translation is currently underway for the French and German content.

Important Registration Dates
February 6 – Early Registration Cutoff – Event Cost CDN$50/US$45
March 2 – Late Registration Cutoff – Event Cost CDN$60/US$55
After March 2 – Onsite Registration ONLY – Event Cost CDN$75/US$65

Be sure to register early and take advantage of the cheaper registration fee.

Hope to see you there,

Hey Carl

I’m getting an error with the pdf registration document. I’m not too sure if its the same for everybody but its just a blank page. Any suggestions?

Can’t wait for Toque!


never mind…it just worked for me :smiley:

Howdy Folks,

Just a reminder that the February 6 Early registration deadline is quickly approaching. If you are planning to attend and you want to take advantage of the early registration price please be sure get your registration forms to me (at the very least drop me a simple e-mail with your contact information, what you plan to compete in and what size shirt you want).

Take care,

I’m getting into Toronto on Thursday so if need be I could help out in any way you see fit.

Thanks Anthony,

We’ll be setting up all day Thursday at the Bike Show. We can definitely use the help. Send me an e-mail and let me know what time approx. you plan on arriving Thursday.


why is the registration so much, does it come with anything?

Or is the registration so high because of the rental fee for renting out the facility?


As far as I know it also covers entrance into the Toronto International Bike Show, which is like $30 alone.

I can also help set up on Thursday, I’ll arrive morning - noon.

Are soccer shinpads ok? What type of gloves? Are the U-trials rules some where? I think the original link is busted. Do you know what the schedule is gonna look like?


Oh yeah, Congratulations!

well thats dumb, i dont even wanna see that. Maybe ill just hang and not compete, who knows, seea there


I was woundering what is the best place to stay in Toronto for the Toque games if you are tight on money? I don’t want to drive up each day because i live 2 hours away.

Budd White

Unibrow, you have to pay the entrance fee for the Toronto International Bike Show, even if you don’t want to compete. Just to watch, it’s $30 for the 3 days, or $13 per day.

I’m not going to compete, but wanted to watch, but $30 to watch people unicycle is damn steep, so i’m debating on attending at all.

this is why i just registered. $30 to go to the bike show to watch, or an extra $20 and i get to try my hand at doing all the fun stuff i’ve only seen on DVD.

$20 is pretty cheap for me to make a fool of myself on a trials course! :slight_smile:

I got a 3 star hotel room for $50 a night on priceline.com. You could try clicking 1 star and ask for like a $15-$20 room and you will probaly get one.

PS anyone else satying at the Marriott Courtyard hotel?

Hi Carl, there will be a good amount of Cokeurs there (3+ from LUC )

Any chance of a Coker class in the UMX?

Just a passing thought, I would be just as happy riding the Coker with the MUni’s, it would be a real crowd please though

Should I bring my coker?

We could all go for a cruise downtown with cokers during a lull in the weekend’s events :slight_smile:

7 Days. I’m stoked. I just got an e-mail from Carl and I am officially registered. Man this is gonna be sweet. I’m wondering if I sould bring my BC or not. I just started recently and can mount it half the time. IS anyone else bringing there’s? Who else is going?


Ya i would bring your b/c if you could fit it. Im bringing mine. Its a bummer though cuz the weaher is supposed to be snowy. Its still going to be a great time! See you all there.

-Brian Lundgren

hey im goin (hopefully). anybody know what joel burgess(sp?!?) sn is i believe he said he had a place i could stay if i go but i dont know how to get ahold of him. or maybe his friend jordan maybe. anyho hopefully i can go and it shall be fun

Bring your BC wheel for sure. Darren is going to have a little “unofficial” Bedford Unicycles BC wheel event sometime throughout the weekend as posted in this thread (http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=38522).

Also, be sure to check www.toquegames.com or your e-mail, if you have already registered, on Monday for some important information.

Wednesday March 1st is your last chance for pre-registering for TOque. After that you’ll only be able to register onsite and you’ll be required to pay the Bike Show entrance fee. Be sure to e-mail me if you plan to attend.

I have heard a lot of rumors of people who are planning to attend TOque yet I haven’t received any e-mails nor registration forms from them. If you haven’t sent me e-mail about your planned attendance then please do so prior to March 1st.

See you at TOque.