2005 TOque Games, March 4 - 6 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am excited to announce the launch of the 2005 TOque Games website and open registration up to all …

For those of you unfamiliar with the TOque Games …
It is a three day long multi discipline unicycle competition and exhibition that takes place in conjunction with the Toronto International Bike Show. You can compete in a multi category trials competition, UMX (Uni-cross), long jump and high jump events.

New items for this year …

  • Much larger competition area (3 times the size of last year’s area)
  • Bedford Unicycles Best Trick Competition
  • Dedicated long jump and high jump zones (they will be setup for the entire weekend)
  • Welcome registration packages
  • Category advancement (if you competed in last years TOque Games and placed in the top 3 in a category you will be bumped up to the next category this year)
  • Crowning of the 2005 TOque Meister (overall TOque Games Champion)

While a lot of information still needs to be added to the site the most important information is currently available. The entire site will be available in three languages … English, French and German. Translation is currently underway for the French and German content.

Important Registration Dates
February 6 – Early Registration Cutoff – Event Cost CDN$50/US$45
March 2 – Late Registration Cutoff – Event Cost CDN$60/US$55
After March 2 – Onsite Registration ONLY – Event Cost CDN$75/US$65

Be sure to register early and take advantage of the cheaper registration fee.

Hope to see you there,

i have a scheduling request…

i (and probably others too) have midterms the week before. i will get up as early as possible but it would be nice if nothing important is scheduled early friday…

Hi muniracer,

Not a problem about the schedule.

Long jump and high jump will be open for most of the week, so some of the early arrivers can get long jump and high jump out of the way. There will also be a couple public demos on Friday, as well as the other days.

Trials and UMX won’t take place until Saturday and Sunday.


How exactly is the bedfor best trick contest going to be set up, what obstacles will you have, how will judging work, etc.?

im not on competition level yet but it’d be cool to go to one of these just to watch.

why is it that expensive??? :thinking:

And the .pdf file doesn’t work… they says : ‘’ error in the file’s opening’’ or w/e


Oh my god this is the first time I have seen trial050 ever reply to anything;)

shut up brock :smiley: jk…

(by the way this guy is such a copy cat… Qwébec Flag powa!!!)

I need to see a schedule very soon. Preferaably by Saturday. I need to know for plane ticket purchasing purposes as well as general planning. Thank you.

I’m looking forward to it,

I did it to remember a great rider i met and rode with :smiley: :wink:

Here I am!!! Rockin u like a Hurricane lol… are u coming to the toque games brock?

hhahah me coming all the way out there hahaha I am so poor lol but I might be at MOAB