2005 Seattle International Juggling Festival June 17 - 19

The Cascade Jugglers will host the 2005 Seattle International Juggling Festival on June 17, 18, & 19 at the Seattle Center.

June 18 is also World Juggling Day.

The Uniques Unicycle Club will again host the Saturday, June 18, afternoon Unicycling Workshop. Like last year, we will do a brief demo/performance at the afternoon show (sometime between 2:00-3:00) then go right into the unicycle workshop.

All are welcome! The demo and workshop is always the “Uniques and friends” so all unicyclers are welcome to help and participate. If you would like to help with the demo or workshops sent me a PM and/or find me near the Mural Ampitheater about 1:30.

Last Year was a gas. See you there!.

Sounds cool! I’ll probably go.

Do you know if the workshops are just for beginners or if there will be advanced teachings as well?


There will definitely be some more advanced workshops, although I don’t know what they are. Last year they had advanced club passing, advanced cigar box and bounce juggling with Matt Hall, etc. But basically, the whole event is an advanced workshop. Go find someone more advanced than you and watch them. Ask them questions…they’ll likely be quite approachable. Do you pass clubs? Let’s meet on Saturday afternoon and throw things at each other’s heads.

The level of unicycle workshops will depend on who comes. Last year was a great turn out so we had lots of stuff to demo, including a great trials session.

Darnit, I was so excited about going and possibly being in the demo, but that same weekend we are going to be staying one night in Yakima, Washington. Well, there’s always next year, I guess. Are there any other meets or conventions or clinics coming up?

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I’m looking forward to some good passing, and as always seeing the Uniques doin’ their thing on stage. I may throw my muni or trials in my trunk along with my juggling gear.

Hopefully JC will be there and focused on redeeming himself for this moment at last year’s festival.

I also just heard that Patrick McGuire will be in attendance and performing during the evening show. He’s quite a gifted solo performer, and should be a good compliment to the spectacular club passing of Vova and Olga.

I’ve been practicing. I can now do that 1 foot wheel walking. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there on Saturday.