2005 Qu-Ax 24x3 CrMo Muni (10-Spline hub)

Got this thing many years ago as my first ‘proper’ unicycle.
Indestructible chunk of steel and rubber!

Pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/DY40i
Excuse the fact that it’s a bit grubby and chalky from the South Downs. It cleans up okay.

It’s totally stock (apart from the seat) but I’ll run down the specs in case anyone isn’t familiar with this old model.

[B]Frame: Qu-Ax Cr-Mo 24"
Seat post: Qu-ax steel
Seat: KH Fusion Freeride (yellow) with fabric top
Clamp: Double bolt aluminium

Hub: Qu-Ax Yellow 10-spline 48-spoke
Cranks: Qu-Ax tubular cr-mo 170mm!
Rim: Qu-Ax BX32 38mm aluminium (alex dx32 clone?)
Pedals: Qu-ax alloy
Tyre: Duro Wildlife 24x3 (about 40% of centre knobs left, 70% at edges)

Weight 7.5kg on my bathroom scales

If you want to use brakes on this frame with the Duro you might have to tilt the brakes or file the pads like this guy: Qu-Ax 24" MUni Brakes
His picture also shows the huge clearance; a 26" wheel and tyre might even fit in this frame…

It’s in fair to good condition with frame scuffs and areas of surface rust (mostly on bolt heads). Nothing seized.
The paint is bubbling on the rim around the spokes and on the side.
Rock solid though.

Would make a great first or budget Muni, or a custom project.

If I wasn’t trying to raise funds I’d keep this, strip the rim, denub the cranks, shave the tyre and make an indestructible urban uni for teaching others to ride.

I live in Fareham/Portsmouth area. Not willing to post but willing to travel in the south if I can work it into a family day out!

Ebay has the slightly newer (but still old) model brand new for about £170. I’m looking for £90.

I’ll entertain offers of course, do let me know if I’m asking too much.

It’s ugly, heavy-ish and not compatible with much nowadays but ten bears couldn’t bend it if they tried.


I do want this gone, wasn’t really sure of asking price to begin with.
Happy to swap for a set of Spirit disc cranks, ideally 125/150, or equivalent cash.
To many wheels, too little space