2005 New Year's Resolutions

In descending reverse order:

#4 Weel-walk

#3 Ride for fun, without keeping track of distance/time and making sure I’m always riding faster, farther and harder.

#2 Always ride faster, farther and harder.

#1 Not complete one or two resolutions (pun intended).

Okay, here I go…

  1. Ride at least 500 miles on my Coker. (40 so far) Maybe 1k.

  2. Hop my Schwinn to death so I can get another uni.

  3. One foot, right and left…

  4. Get at least one of my kids riding, ideally two.

  5. Be part of a brand new unicycling club.

Let’s see how it goes!


OK - I’m late as usual, but here goes, in no particular order.

Actually LEARN TO RIDE this year. I was supposed to do this LAST YEAR but life got in the way in an increasingly nightmareish way.

Teach one of my kids to ride - preferably after I learn to ride so I can be better than them for a brief moment in time.

Get to play uni-hockey instead of just being a spectator.

Get confident enough on the coker that I can actually ride to uni-hockey on it, while carrying my hockey uni and associated “stuff”.

Get into better physical shape. Why is it that, no matter HOW MUCH fat you have on your bum, it doesn’t make the seat any more confortable?

Actually get out of the doldrums that 2004 left me in long enough to work up the enthusiasm to do ANY OF the above.


Well, I just hope I’ll perfect my 1foot skills, my seat out front and I hope to be able to do some wheelwalking.

I will also try at arrange a unicycling-tour to the mountains of Norway this summer.

Re: 2005 New Year’s Resolutions

On Thu, 6 Jan 2005 14:43:06 -0600, “bjornthegreat” wrote:

>I will also try at arrange a unicycling-tour to the mountains of Norway
>this summer.

Have you seen <http://www.unitours.org/tours/NUT/index.htm>?

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

It’s impossible to get old when you ride a unicycle - John (what’s in a name) Childs

I promised to get a unicycle-club going. I’ll tell you, it’s hard. We are two members (I wouldn’t call it a club now but hopefully it’ll be sometime). That’s about the amount of people there are hwo unicycles in my area.
I say one thing.

WHY do I have to live in a village where there’s just a food-store and some people? And all the people are “lagom”. Which means average.

mine is a hammers list.

180 bluntslide.

flipslide a handrail.

do the 16stair drop rail ive been looking at for a while.

crankflip the most stairs in the world. it stands at 7 at the moment

crankflip to grind

360unispin to grind.

get completely consisent with right foot grinds.


release my 2nd video

and 100cm rolling hops

most i will get… some are harder than others

we have a year

1,000 miles on my Coker
A 50 mile ride on my Coker
Attend NAUCC in Ohio (my first NAUCC)
Pass level 5 before or at NAUCC
Finish organization of start up unicycle club (will probably be done early in the year)
Two practices a week for uni club, including two indoors for cold months
Average weekly attendance at uni club of 25 by end of the year (we are averaging 12 - 15 at present)
Ride down set of 10 steps on my MUni
(my best is a sloppy, but successful, set of 5 steps)
4 foot drop on my MUni (best measured drop is 42" at present)
Stop working on bigger drops on my MUni (after 4 foot drop!)


My resolution last year was to pass levels 9 and 10. Well after passing 9 I figured that was good enough for the year and slacked off the rest of the year.

So now this years resolution is to pass 10 which I hope to have done within a month or two at the most. I’ll be going to every practice, and practicing at work until I get it. It’s been a long time coming…passed level one in 1992! I think I’ll be the 10th level 10 in the world if I pass it soon?

Also to buy a Muni and get more into it cause I love it!

Re: 2005 New Year’s Resolutions

:thinking: what’s a century ride?

not unless i pass level 10 first!
love, linds

last year’s:
“90 cm hop, ha”
-not quite

this year:

85cm hop with right foot back

crank flip

9 stair rail

opposite grinds

360 into grind

360 unispin

go bigger and more tech

Re: Re: 2005 New Year’s Resolutions

A century is 100 miles in one day. It’s a common bicycling term. If you do a metric century, it is 100 kilometers or 62 miles.


I just want to say I have bought my KH unicycle and now I know can do all the things that were on my list.

So I will have to make new goals…

  1. Get BC wheel
  2. Learn to ride it

So hows your resolutions going?

  1. Not yet. The backward spin and pirouette remain elusive, although I just got some shorter cranks, so I’m hoping they’ll be easier now. I’ve actually been able to pirouette for a long time, but I can’t get three full revolutions.
  2. My sideways wheel walk is getting fairly good, but it’s not solid yet.
  3. I’ve done this several times, I think. It’s hard to tell exactly how far I go.
  4. Done (notice I didn’t say it had to be consistent)
  5. Done

I’m goood at unispins now, but I haven’t landed a 360 yet. I’m currently working on 270, which I’m doing okay at.
haven’t worked much on freestyle…but I’m close. to level 7.
haven’t had Moscow Mountain Madness yet, but I’m sure I can beat him. definitely.

some more I wish to add:
land a giant big scary gap at the Albertson Building that I’ve been looking at for a while. Leighton landed it first, which made me mad, because I wanted to…but I can still be second.
get a LOT better at seat out hopping. like around 25" at least. I might work on high rolling hops too…but I like seat out better.
can’t think of any more right now…

Well I passed level 10 and bought a KH Muni so I completed my resolutions!! Yeah!!

My new ones are; to ride my new Muni as much as I can and to learn a couple new tricks that I haven’t thought of yet. Maybe some of the turnaround things Julien does in that one freestyle video? Oh, and to buy some 661’s before I hurt myself.

6 month update;
got #2 & 4.
close enough on #1 that I think I’ll get it by the end of the year.
should have my 29 together by the end of summer for #4.

A little over 6 months to go.

Not looking good so far- I’m flunking on several fronts.

I’ll add organising the Laos Unitour to that list, although that’s happening next year, most of the work will be done this year