2005 New Year's Resolutions

origionally posted by supertones…

  1. learn to ride backwards

  2. Idle, in whatever fashion I can learn

Well I didn’t resolve to change my screen name, but it wouldn’t work for me anymore. I can ride backwards, never do it too long though, and I can idle, probably for awhile if I wanted. I also learned one footed : )

hmmm… for this year…

  1. ride more, even before it gets warm out
  2. ride well seat on stomach
  3. ride well seat in front
  4. learn to play violin better, and juggle better, then do them both on the unicycle : )


I want to:
Juggle Clubs on Uni (can already juggle them)
Get Flame Clubs for Juggling on Uni
Start MUni-ing
Finish my Junior Year

1.get to at least 7 and hopefuly level 8
2.get a KH 20 inch
3.Learn to grind
4.become really good at trials
*optional- get coker and ride it frist time for 26 miles


Re: 2005 New Year’s Resolutions

On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 12:43:32 -0600, “TheoELind” wrote:

>1. get to the highest level I can get (should be easy if I try)

No, I think it will actually become harder the more you try.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“Deflating pi does not reduce calories, it just concentrates them. - billham”

Before 050505, i have to know how to
idle (and make it look good)
ride backwards in a strights line without wobbling
jumping up stairs

Änd before the year ends, i have set up some goals to achieve:
Made my own wheel for my uni.
Learn to play with 2 diabolos
4 new unicycle-mounts
Learn rollin’ jumps
Help 4 people to pass level 1.

Well i only just got my first uni for xmas and all is going well. Was going past the 100m mark on boxing day. I guess my new years res is to stay confident and keep at it :slight_smile:

Build a custom 6 foot Giraffe out of an old bmx bike.

Learn to ride it.

Learn to freemount it.

Do Crank grabs on my giraffe.

Get to level 5 on my summit.

Somehow earn a lot of money on my uni.

For me:

1 learn to pedal grab to rubber,then:

2 learn to grind

3 learn to ww 1 footed

4 then learn to glide

5 ride backwards 1 footed

6 rolling hop more than 22"

7 seati n front side hop 20"

8 learn to unispin

9 360 off of higher things

10 survive this list!

Re: 2005 New Year’s Resolutions

On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 15:12:10 -0600, “Twiggy2005” wrote:

>Well i only just got my first uni for xmas and all is going well. Was
>going past the 100m mark on boxing day. I guess my new years res is to
>stay confident and keep at it :slight_smile:

Wow, past the 100m mark in one day? Talent!

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

Today (29 December) is the last day this year that is neither the last day this year nor the last day this year that is not the last day this year.

  1. build Anna’s frame
  2. consistantly grind big rails (over 12)
  3. get full extension on stiff shifty over a 5 set
  4. play “jerry was a racecar driver” bassline. yeah right.


My goals for 2005 are:

Uni as much as I can, come rain or shine… MUni and Trials.

Generally improve my trials riding, by going larger, learning to saddle out hop, and pedal grab instead of crank.

I also plan on stretching, which will hopefully make my more flexible, giving more ‘bounce’ in jumps.


I didn’t think that was even possible! Are you sure you’re ok? I hope an alien BMXer didn’t hijack your body somehow!

Ok, now its my turn.

  1. Buy a KH20"

  2. Learn to crankgrab and go to rubber on it.

  3. Learn to unispin it.

  4. Learn to wheelwalk.

That´s all for me. I don´t want to get any goals I can´t possibly reach.

- Unicycle for the fun of it and for no other reason.

  • Progress in all my riding and get into interesting and innovative trials lines and techniques.
  • Make sure I’m having fun rather than worrying about competing at UniNats (Australian nationals).
  • Upgrade my muni (huge upgrade, big plans, soon to be started) and get into riding really steep and technical stuff.
  • Continue to make short movies, and compile them into a bigger downloadable version.


P.S. Ken, when is the event? I’d love to be involved.

My goals for 2005 are:-

To improve my riding skills, so I can ride for longer periods.

To learns additional free-mounts.

Buy a new KH 24" Muni.

-Don’t be forced to buy or build another trials or muni wheel.
-Ride for fun
-rail ride
-build a bunch of cool custom parts, starting with finishing the first set of frames
-find new, better riding spots.

I’m not sure of the dates yet, but it will be in October. Here’s last years Website:
Mont 24hr
It’s in Canberra and it’s Australias oldest and best 24hr race…I don’t think any unicyclists have tried it yet though. Sounds like a pretty cool course. I’m going to get my rellies from Perth to crew for me.

You should come over to NZ sometime this summer too! How about coming for the Karapoti Classic?

You could head down to Nelson afterwards to visit Pete VB and join us in the Rainbow Rage on March 19?

Ken :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’ll do my best, money will definitely be an issue though. I’ve wanted to join in on the Karapoti Classic for 2 years now…looks like lots of fun.


Have knee surgery, so I can ride again.

So, stop bugging me GILD

1.) Lose 40lbs so I can uni more than 30min without the tire feeling flat and sluggish.
2.) Get to level 1
3.) Be able to stay upright until I get tired and choose to dismount, instead of falling off.:slight_smile: