2005 New Year's Resolutions

I’m off to the O.C. in a bit (The “Other OC”, the Oregon Coast) so my time on RSU for the balance of 2004 may be limited.

What are your unicycling resolutions for 2005? We’ll dredge up this tread in a year to see how we did.


Learn to wheel walk. Then I’ll have a chance to pass level 5.

Actually make the uni T-shirts and hats that have been in the works for too long.

Custom Coker.

Century ride (even if its only metric), hopefully on the custom coker.

Update the Uniques’ website.

I hate cokers

The first question we should be asking is did you accomplish LAST YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS???.

^That was my new years resolutions.^

I can grind some things, and have gapped 8 stairs before, but my gliding still sucks, with my record at 20+ feet.

One thing I did do that wasn’t aa resolution was I became much more educated about the mechanics of the unicycle.

This coming year I resolute to:

Finish my muni
Buy a Coker
Actually learn to glide
Brake effectiveley
Get rid of all Agliophobia and Barophobia while riding
Ride with two locals I have never met
Invent a new trick and do it

If I accomplish 5 out of these six I will be very happy with myself.

#1 my new grind plate idea works, and that the co2 cylinders work.

#2 learn to glide

#3 my seat idea works

#4 buy a muni

Mine from last year:

I did learn to glide, and hop seat out higher than I can seat in. But I didn’t go to NAUCC or CMW, or buy a MUni (I bought a Coker instead), and I didn’t start our club. Not officially, anyway, one might call it a club, I dunno.

Now, for this year…

land a unispin consistently
do a 360 hopspin
get to level, say, seven. Or maybe eight, I’ll see.
Beat Brian in the Moscow Mountain Madness bike race

probably more, I’ll update when I remember them.

  1. Get solid level 8.
  2. Solid sideways wheel walk.
  3. Coast 50+ meters.
  4. Side ride.
  5. Stand-up wheel walk.

Last year I didn’t even know I would start unicycling. Now I’m trying to learn the unispin, want to drop more than 1.5m at some point this year, want to coast further than a half revolution, as I have glided down most of the little hills around here, and I’m looking forward to meet Kris Holm in Denmark this summer, and shake his hand.

That was an Amazing year!

  1. get to the highest level I can get (should be easy if I try)
  2. learn to grind
  3. learn to glide
  4. go down stairs backwards
  5. buy video camera so that I can film all the stuff I will learn in '05
  6. get over my obsession with schwinn so that I can accomplish #2-4

Mostly. Here was last year’s:
In chronological order:

  1. Be in good shape for Moab and ride it a hell of a lot better than I did last year.
  2. One-footin’.
  3. 500 miles minimum on my GB 36" over Seattle’s short summer.
  4. Get over my lame-ass fear of drops, and own a few more stunts at Gasworks Park.

Never got to the one-footin’, but ticked off all the others. Fear of drops is relative, of course. Last year, the fear was in the 12"–18" range. This year, I’m semi-comfortable at two feet, and now fear picnic tables.

FY05 Resolutions:

  1. Be in better shape for Moab than I was last year.
  2. 500 miles minimum on my GB4 36". Do at least one multi-day “mini-tour”.
  3. Join Unibrier on his century ride. Pray he decides to make it metric.
  4. One-footin’.
  5. Get proficient with rolling hops, at least to height needed to clear the average fallen tree.
  6. Spend more time on my trials uni.

basically i just want to perfect my 180 unispin to seat drop.


Solidify my seat out riding. (so that I can seat out hop)
Well, I can ride seat out pretty well now. I can even SIF hop, just not on to anything big :slight_smile:
Ride one-footed.
Yep, got that one.
Start attempting trials (once I get that seat out thing)
umm…not exactly
not even close
I can crang-HANG at least.
NOT Sprain my ankle at Cali Muni Weekend.
Seeing as I didn’t go…
Solidify my backwards riding.
It’s better, but not solid.
Get enough courage to ride down more than than three steps.
Yep, I’ve gone down lots now.
Do a coker tour.
I did the California Coast Classic. SF to LA over 8 days (500+miles)
Thank Kris for designing such a kick-ass low cost muni
…if he reads this thread.
Start making some shots at basketball Uni (hey, where was everyone tonight?)
I haven’t played for a while, but I did make a few shots.

2005 Resolutions:
Do the stuff I didn’t get down last year.
Build the 26/39er into a 36/ 54er
100 miles in one day!
Take more MUni risks.

Last year I forgot to make any resolutions, so I guess I resolved to do nothing. For the most part, that’s what I did. This year, I resolve to:

1: Find time to unicycle 30 miles/week this summer.
2: Get handlebars for my coker
3: Ride 30 miles in one day
4: Learn to idle, and do it on the coker
5: Get a mountain unicycle
6: Get back into Aikido, so that I can be more aggressive when I ride.
7: (Optional) Use unicycle to find and marry a woman who is too proud to let her husband work.

To end the year as fit as I start it. (This year, I failed.)

To ride some new routes. (This year, I succeeded.)

To do the fifty miles again, and hopefully the hundred. (This year, I think I never did more than 40 miles in a day.)

25 miles without a dismount. (This year, I managed just over 22 miles (35 km.)

Not to rip open my chin, need 7 stitches and scar myself for life on the first free weekend of the year. This year, er… :0(

didn’t have any last year but here’s this years:

1.get better at drops. picnic tables aren’t scary anymore but much high than that freaks me out to no end.
2. seat out. riding and hopiing. sill can’t do either at all.
3. master idling. personal record is about 10 times. gotta work on both feet too.
4. get a “real” job so i can afford more unis.
5. purchase a trials, and a 29er if money is plentiful.
6. work more skills from the skill levels not just muni/trials drops/hops.

Those were mine from last year. I didn’t land the 10 set rail, or even try it again this year. i did the 360s down sets, didnt get a 6 though. havent landed crankflips, but ive been doing no foot tricks, so im ok with that one.

for this year:1. start doing more trick with my left foot forward.
2.Learn to grind my back foot
3. Get either a crankflip or a unispin down 5 stairs.

Thats all for me I think.


1:Learn how to unispin

2:learn how to seatinfront hop higher than i already can

3:learn how to rolling hop higher than i already can

4:wheel walk one footed

5:glide,after #4

I didn’t have any from last year because I wasn’t even unicycling last year.
Anyway in '05 I hope to:

  • Improve my 1ft WW and get into gliding
  • Grind a handrail
  • 360 unispin
  • Get bigger in everything (gapping, hopping, stairs etc)
  • Buy a muni
  • Get a club going in my area
  • Just get better in all my aspects of riding, more fit, more precise etc

Thats all I can think of now. I’ll be happy if I get any of those :smiley:

My resolutions:

  1. Get my idling to where it’s as natural as sitting on the sofa.
  2. 5 miles without a UPD
  3. 20 mile ride
  4. Start riding in the dirt

Good Idea, this last year at CMW I had a eally bad cold and flt like crap. Not to mention it was frezing cold outside. Hopefully this year, I can go to all of the conventions and make a good impression of myself…

I kept most of my resolutions from last year, except learning to glide- which I’m not particularly interested in doing anyway.

My 2005 resolutions:

-Ride 100miles in less than 6hrs 44min
-Ride more than 202 miles in 24hrs
-Ride the Karapoti Classic (a local 50km MUni race) in under 4hrs
-Ride the Mont 24hr MTB race in Canberra (Andrew Carter are you reading this?)
-Double the number of members in the NZ Unicycle Federation
-Get sports funding for NZUNI
-Ride the Chch to Nelson race (445km) on a B*ke
-Ride the Alps Unitour

Ken :stuck_out_tongue: