2005 muni you have never seen

Well I got my muni all pu togethr and it is awsome!!


2005 kh frame
2004 saddle
magura hydro brake
dx 32 rim
gazzoldi 3.0
snafu pedals
profile hub and cranks

and before the questions roll in the frame is not painted because the person i picked it up from (wont mention name and dont ask) had one of the prototypes so they sold it to me and its great



What’s the silver gizmo on the brake lever?

It’s similar to, but different from, the Delta brake extender that I’ve been using.

its a brake extender from the early 90’s I beleive but its the same thing bassical just I cut mine down for one finger breaking

Re: 2005 muni you have never seen

what would i ask? paint is easily stripped off…if i got a kh 2005 frame (which i never will) i would strip that blue off as well.

Looks nice…any chance of weighing it for us?


um hold on I will see if I can…
um well since bathroom scales dont work I will use caveman math …k here it goes…it weigh less than my 2004 kh 20

Jagur if you read the whole thing you will see that it says why it has no paint. Its a prototype which means they hadn’t chose the paint color yet .:smiley: :smiley:

i read your whole thread, im just saying that if you didnt mention anything i would have thought that you stripped the ugly blue paint off.

can you say how long it was riddin durring the proto stage? it nice to know there was a few proto’s but how long was the proto test stage? i still think some of these are going to break like Lasco’s at the seat tube to crown weld…taiwan is great at leaving air bubbles in there alluminum exports. especialy in small markets like unicycles.


I can’t figure this out.
Why a dx 32 rim? It’s not the stronges rim there is so to say. :slight_smile:
I think it’s kind of waisting that nice hub annd crankset with a rim that alot of people has broken. :slight_smile:

What do you think is stronger than an Alex DX-32? Mine has held out quite well. Doublewides are really heavy…and don’t they have a poor braking surface? The only other main one I can think of the the new KH Freeride rim which hasn’t really been widely tested.


From what i’ve heard the dx 32 has broked for some people… but don’t they all?

I was think of of the Arrow Racing DHX, or a HOPE rim.
But… there has come to my mind… that none of thease rims has any breaking surfices. Because, downhill bikes very rarley uses a rim brake.

I wouldn’t want a rim brake if that ment i couldn’t have the rim i wanted. :slight_smile:

Edit: My fault i didn’t think of the brake issue.

I hope you have that thing locked up properly otherwise I will come home to you and steal it :smiley:

Seriusly now, thats one of the coolest munis i have ever seen.

Well I see that no one is fond of the rim but since the complete uni and brake came to 260.00 can. I am ok with the rim :smiley:

$260 canadian? Wow arent profiles alone much more than that? How did you manage that?


i like DX rims. somhow you got one of the ones without the nice machined breaking surface?

Heh, I’m mega jelous Brock, that thing looks awsome. Hopefully you’ll let me give it a try sometime, I’m still debating the whole brake upgrade.

I am, and I know of heaps of people running DX-32’s reasonably aggressively who are happy with them.


yah. it’d be impossible to get a uni like that for 260 canadian. that’s approximately $210 us. profile hub and crankset is $299 us.

please explain

Arrow rims have a braking surface, as far as I know.

DX32’s are probably the best all around rim we have. The standard by which all others are judged.