2005 Kris Holm Frames for sale !!!

Yes, that’s right, the 2005 KH aluminum frames
will be available on their own from Bedford Unicycles this summer.

20" Trials, 24" MUni and 29" XC will be available.

Originally Kris said 2006 for frames only but they
will be available in late July or August 2005.

If you want to pre-order them from Bedford Unicycles, please send the following info:
Phone number
E-mail address

Prices will be determined soon but will most likely be less than 150.00 Cdn / 125.00 US

To make sure you are at the top of the list and to make sure you get one, please send a e-mail to
info @ bedfordunicycles . ca
as soon as possible.

I will be placing the order this coming week.

Place your order now if you want one.
You don’t pay until I have them ready to ship.

For any other info, send an e-mail.



how much they ganna cost?

Re: 2005 Kris Holm Frames for sale !!!

will powdercoating be available for these frames?

I guess I Shouldn’t scan.

I might get one for my trials… If I had money.

So what is the word with these new frames any chance that 40mm od bearings will fit? I am deffenatlly concidering getting one for that price although I would want to paint it pink and have it fit my profile wheel set.


I’m so with you on the pink.

i think you can shim them to take a 40 od bearings. i think (not 100% that they only are set up for 42 od.


Ho Ho Ho, this is great news!!

What’s the weight of the frame with bearing holders and Seat post clamp for the trials frame?


send an email for more info…

for 125. lock me in.

You will also be able to buy the frames through your local Unicycle.com. You should also be able to pre-order if you should wish.



OOOOO!!! Competition between the unicycle sellers! :astonished: Back on topic, do you think that KH frame would be any good for freestyle?

Will the new 2005 24" frame pop right on a 2004 KH? What is the weight difference? Would it really be a worthwhile upgrade?