2005 kh29

For sale is a 2005 KH29 which is my regular muni ride.
It’s a great uni and I’ve had many hours of fun on it.
The frame has a couple of scratches and the pedals are a bit scuffed, but everything is in excellent working order.
It comes with a KH Fusion gel saddle, a KH seatpost with rail adaptor and one of those sticky-out bits for a brake (I know all the technical terms, me).
The brake is a Magura HS33 Raceline and has a KH spooner (also included are spare brake pads).
The seat clap is a Massi quick-release but also included is a double-bolt clamp if you fancy something stronger.
The hub and cranks are KH Onzas (150s with self-extracting bolts) and the rim is also KH.
The pedals are DMR V8s (the ones with the handy removable allen bolt for greasing the bearings. Also included in this sale is the tiny allen key that everyone always loses and a syringe for the grease port).
The tyre is a Specialized S-Works Ned Overend ‘The Captain’ (29"x2"), a great off-road runner, as new, only a couple of miles on it.

Also included in the sale are a set of 125 Onza cranks if you feel like a bit more speed.

It’s a lovely machine and the only reason I’m selling it is because I’m moving to Canada and it’s just too darn awkward to take with me.

£250 or nearest offer.

I’ve boxed it up and postage within the UK is £16.95 (£14.69 for the postage and £2.25 for extra insurance)
Postage to Europe will be £83.49 (oof!) and postage to the US would be £116.09 (eek!).


KH/Onza 125mm cranks


Would you consider selling the 125mm onza cranks seperately?


Dan :slight_smile:

Sorry Dan, but I’m afraid it’s a job lot.

Cool bananas

No problems, thought i’d ask as shorter KH/Onza cranks are as rare as hens teeth. Good luck with the sale.


Dan :slight_smile:

Awww. Go on. I’ll give you forty quid for the 125’s.