2005 KH vs 2005 ONZA Muni

I havnt seen a thread on this yet?
So I want a 24” muni soon and have been comparing the 2005 KH and the 2005 Onza

From the top down:
Saddle - pretty much the same (KH has fusion cover)
Seat post - KH has a rail adaptor / Onza seat post with brake lever mount
Seat post clamp - KH single bolt / Onza double bolt
Frame - KH Aluminium / Onza CroMo both have brake bosses
Hub / Crank Set - Same KH /ONZA
Rim - KH wide profile rim / Onza narrower rim (if it is the same rim as the 2004 model?)
Tyre - Kh 24x3 Duro / Onza 24x2.6 Kenda
Pedals - Similar Pedals

The price difference (prices taken from unicycle.uk.com)

Onza 24” 230 Pounds
Kh24 XC 338 Pounds
KH24 (freeride) 345 Pounds

That’s quite a difference!

The main things Im looking for in a muni:
Good hub/cranks, wide rim & 24x3” Tyre, affordable price.

KH - I don’t really know if I like the KH frame and don’t think I need a rail adaptor, and it is pricey.
Could anyone tell me what width rim the Onza has?

I want to get the onza fitted with a wider rim and tyre, or KH wheel set.

Any thoughts or comments?


I got an Onza 24 muni soon after they first came out, in Oct 2003. That was before KH24s were sold on the uk unicycle.com site, so I didn’t have that dilema. I’ve been very happy with mine since. I can’t comment on the new cranks etc, but if the new ones come with the rim that is the same as before then I can give some info on it. It looks really cool, as it’s very, very deep - 22mm. It certainly isn’t as wide as many muni rims, with an outside width of 31mm. I haven’t taken the tyre off to measure the inside width. This is no problem at all with the 24x2.6 tyre they supply, which has given me good service for about 1000 miles of riding - a significant amount on pavement surfaces, plus off road.

There have been repeated answers to the question ‘can you put a 3 inch tyre on it’, with the answer always being ‘yes’, though I have still yet to hear of someone who has done it. My tyre is lacking much in the way of nobbles now, so I will replace it before long, probably to a 3" Halo Contra (Duro Wildlife), and see what happens. There is some space left in the frame for a bigger tyre, though not a great deal, so a fatter tyre would be cutting right down on mud clearance etc.

These are some photos I took when it was new, so this is without the tyre wear I mentioned above:

A possibly misleading shot of the rim, as with the perspective this makes it look wider…

Also, have a look at my gallery for more pics and movies of the Onza muni.

So… I’d say the Onza is great. I don’t doubt that the KH2005 muni is likely to be even better, but it is a lot more expensive. You can still do full on muni riding with a 2.6 tyre, and a 3" upgrade will most likely work a charm. Did I mention that the deeeep Onza rim looks great? :slight_smile:

  • Sam