2005 KH unicycle info


Bedford Unicycles received the new Kris Holm unicycles last week and has been shipping them out to pre booked customers.

Gilby has been sent his 2 new KH unicycles !

I didn’t post that I had them until now because I have been extremely busy this year with Christmas orders.

The complete price list update will be on the site
very soon.

Here are the unicycle prices for now in Candian funds:

20" trials - 560.00
24" xc - 615.00
24" muni - 625.00
29" xc - 635.00
KH wrist wrap gloves - 35.00

The price you see is the price you pay.
If you don’t pick it up at the shop, the only other cost is shipping.

At least 20% less for US customers. Maybe more.

Ask about your free bonus’s with each unicycle ordered.

Happy Holidays !!!


Nice setup…

Can you tell me what are those small pipes on top of the frame?? Are those for brakes or what?

Bike with killer look Al-frame and amazing setup makes it very tempting. Absolutely great MUni!!

Those pipes are suppose to be to hold your foot on the frame for one footed riding and gliding.

If you don’t do that type of riding on a Muni
than you can use a Drumel or other tool and remove them if you choose to. It would be real easy to take them off but you would be left with a bare
aluminum spot.

If you do that type of riding on a MUni, try them out and see what you think and let everyone know.

Take it easy,

How much to ship to Albany, NY (zipcode = 12054)


Which unicycle ? They all have different box sizes and weights.

OK - how much for KH 29XC to Albany,NY 12054

Re: Nice setup…

Is it me, or is that wheel way off center in the frame?

its off

Re: Re: Nice setup…

Although at first glance I’d agree that the wheel is off-center, upon closer examination I believe that it is not. Take careful notice of the angles of the brake mounts and you might see that there is an ever so slight angle. This is probably what accounts for the apparent misalignment.

Or the wheel is off center. :slight_smile:


will you be shipping a couple of those to other retailers that sell your unis? example. escape?