2005 KH Frame

I am wondering how strong the KH 2005 Aluminum frame is. Can anyone with a KH2005 tell me how it has been holding up, and how you like it?

I haven’t had any problem with my KH 20 05 frame yet… I haven’t done anything extremely major in the way of drops (sub 4 feet) but have done extensive hopping, which might stress a frame. The paint is starting to get scratched, and the crown has some paint rubbed off of it (from one footed riding?) , structurally I think the the frame is still perfect.

I would recommend it, and really like the frame due to the light weight aluminum construction. The flat crown is nice for one footed skills and it does give reasonable grip due to the weld. I find the single Allan bolt seat post clamp is sufficient and hold well.

Besides for that, I don’t know what else is different on it compared any other frame, it works to keep the seat attached to the wheel set!

I’ve had my KH for 10 weeks, and have probably ridden an average of half an hour per day.

Hope this helps…

k think of it this way kris Holm does some of the biggest drop on his unicycle so why wouldnt he make a unicycle that is strong enough? oh and dont worry they are plenty strong enough i have done a 6 foot drop on my 05 muni

I was thinking more about bad landings and UPDs, which put greater levels of stress on a frame.

Thanks for the replies so far!

mine’s holding up well. i wouldn’t worry about drops, but from MUni UPDs on rocks, at moab, etc. it is getting a bit scratched. Also, there is a little gash in the frame, presumably from a rock. I think it’s ok though.

no worries.

As for the lightness, it’s hella nice. I never use my trials anymore, it’s almost as heavy.

So if I have a Gazz or Arrow Wide Bite, KH/Onza hub, KH frame, and KH seat, it should be about the same as a regular trials?