[2005 KH 29er] What is the max tire size that fits ?

Hi guys,

I have found some interesting threads about 29er tires (I still have to read all of them through), but most of them don’t mention the fitting in existing 29er forks.

In my case, I have a KH 29er from 2005 with the reinforced part inside.
I currently have the original KH rim with a Kenda Klaw 29x2.1 (as seen on the pic).

The big question is: which max size of tire I could fit in it (does the Ardent fit for example) ?
And if there isn’t enough marging, is it possible to reduce a bit the inner plate to fit a bigger tire ? (of course it won’t be suitable for heavy DH use but that is why my 26 muni is made for).

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

On my previous KH2005 I installed a WTB Stout 2.3, clearance was not a lot, enough in normal condition, some rocks sometimes stuck; most problem was with mud


I found a pair of WTB Exiwolf 2.3 and they fit also (the tread isn’t that big).

I wonder if a 2.4 with light tread or a 2.3 with bigger tread (like the DH ones) will fit… :slight_smile: