2005 29" Kris Holm - For Sale


I am trying to sell my 2005 KH29. I hardly ever ride it, so it definitely needs a better home.

Everything on it is stock and in excellent condition.

Magura hydraulic brakes are also factory installed.

The cranks are 150mm.

I’m asking $500 for it, but will certainly entertain other offers.

Please see pictures below. If needed, I can take additional pics.


What country are you in? I may be intrested in buying just the brake. Depends if I decide on buying just a 24" wheelset to fit in my KH29 frame or if I buy a full KH24.

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I will bump it for you :wink:

EDIT: I think $500 is posably a bit much.

Not if you consider that it has maguras. They cost around $150 new? Its even got the steel braided line.

Is this 29er still available?

I’ll probably forget to check back here so if it is, you should email me at jack.olsen@gmail.com