2004 Torker LX seat post clamp size

I have a Primo Viking seat post clamp on my Torker LX. I don’t remember the size, but Unicycle.com says it’s one inch (25.4 mm.) But they also offer a 7/8 inch (22.2 mm.) I now want to buy a quick-release seat post clamp so I can use this uni in a demonstration; to let other people try it. I checked uni.com quick-release seat post clamps and all they seem to have is a Salsa Flip Lock, with sizes 28.6 or 30 mm. What size do I need and where else should I look?

You’ll definitely need a 25.4 size clamp. You should probably call Unicycle.Com to see if they have anything that will fit that size. The Salsa doesn’t sound like it would work. Good luck.