2004 Torker Dx!!!

i am purchasing this uni from pdc and i wanted ro kno the specs of it…the type of rim and tire and the size. thanks in advance.


It doesn’t have a very wide rim so you can’t use 3" tires, also I don’t think the frame has that much clearance for the muni tires. I don’t have one but I know I have read other threads on them so a search might be helpful.

The 2004 has almost no tire clearance… anything bigger than the 2.3 on it is too much.

The cranks are good, the rim is not but if your careful it will last forever.

You are all wrong. The Torker DX (“da torksta” as I like to call it) is the best UNI ever made. I use mine for everything from MUNI to MUNICH. The chips and holdovers are sweet on it too. Back in '86 we used to have like 6 of them here in the shop, I would take em out for a spin around central square. So whatever you do just maybe.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Um, no.

I don’t even think Torker made unicycles in 1986… let alone the DX.