2004 Onza Hub, Question.

Hello, i have a 2004 onza hub on my unicycle, and recently its been playing up, the spindle seems to have abit of movement when force is applied to the crank.

This is abit of an annoyance, seeming as im abit of a perfectionist at times, and small things like this can really bug me.

Ive stripped the crankset down and found the problem, its the spindle, which has a single keyway, (even the keyway comes out of the spindle so thats a loose fit too) and the gap in this seems to be big enough to be causing the problem.

Ive put celotpae around various parts, which has minimised the problem, however it still exist’s, does anyon else know how to fix it? also i think a part of the hub is missing, when stripped down, should ose side ove the hub be more hollower than the other?

Thanks for reading.

a common problem with that hub, but one that can be effectively fixed. The single keyway is indeed the issue, basically you neeed to fill the hub with a strong cyanocrylate glue and then reassemble it. I’ve seen this fix last for years, and have heard of it done by several different people, hopefully someone with first hand experience will chime in here.

cyanocrylate glue?

Is that a make, or a type?

I take it is somthing liek the “plastic weld” and similar substances?

I think i read about loctite being used aswell?

Cheers for the reply,

it’s a type, essentially super glue

some grades of loctites would also work well, you’d want a permeanent bonder, not some sort of threadlocking product.

I bought an '04 Onza and the interface was loose from the very beginning. Since it was brand new, UDC fixed it for me. They used the permanent variety of lock tight in the key way and it has been fine ever since. I’m sure it will work out fine for you as well. It’s been a great hub.

Thanks :slight_smile: But say for some bizzare, un known reason i wanted to take the axle/spindle out after using permanent loctite, how permanent is it?

As it just fills in the extra space in the key way, I’m sure it can still be popped out and the fix redone if necessary. I can’t speak from experience though. Good luck.

Cheers, also i dont want to be a bother but, On the spindle, there is a line which goes all the way around it,this is just were it meats the hub, and i was wondering which side this line should be on.

And also, is one side of the hub supposed ot be hollower than the other (when you look behind the silver covers?)