2004 Ontario Trials Tour (Ryan Atkins' "BOOM BOOM shizniddlebam gap-jam")

2004 Ontario Trials tour

I cam up with this idea, tell me what you think…

Ok, the weekend could start (Thursday) with everyone meeting in Toronto for 2 days of awesome riding. We could set up a competition at the “Beaches” which I can vouch is awesome trials! This is a lot of really good trials within a small space, so no one would wander off, and everyone would get to know each other, hang out, and have a good time.

Then, the following day, (Friday) we could have a big group urban ride in downtown Toronto. We wouldn’t compete that day, just ride for fun, and just hang out. Generally a leisure ride, and then set up for some group activity that night.

That night everyone comes to Brooklin (where I live) to ride a bit, and sleep, and then we could leave early the next morning (Saturday) to head off to my cottage. That day we could do some wakeboarding, and waterskiing, and some unicycle cliff jumping incorporated in with trials riding.

The following day (Sunday) would be a big competition, a 2 part competition incorporating natural and man-made stunts. It would start out in the morning with the comp right around my cottage, then in the afternoon, we would go down the lake to a peninsula, and maybe some other island (in boats) to ride trials. (good riding!) After the competition, we could head back to my cottage for some swimming, and dinner, and then sleep.

The next morning (Monday) we could all drive to Ottawa to ride around downtown, and the parliament buildings. This would also be a leisure ride.

Last day of the competition (Tuesday) would be a comp at Hogs Back. This would be a lot of fun.

The main focus of this weekend wouldn’t be competition, but it would be just used to keep things interesting, with an “Ontario Trials king!” award up for grabs. The competitions would all be based on the U-rating system, however if there was a lack of good sections, or a tie from a previous day, one of the comps might use “NATS” rules.

There would be free lodging at my house and for everyone at my cottage, and I’m thinking of about a $50 CAN charge for food, and the medals. All transportation would have to be arranged for, but I’m sure there would be a few spots here and there for people to bum rides.

Thanks for reading, and that’s all. Please post your comments. I’m thinking this comp could be the first weekend of the summer. (What a good way to start the summer!)


There’s a
Movie in my gallery showing some of the riding around my cottage, in brooklin, and a bit of downtown Toronto.

whoa! that sounds awesome. you can count me in for sure, especially since I might be moving to montreal this summer! thanks for coming up with an awesome plan and when you get defininte dates, please post them.


Dang, Ryan. I was just there. Why didn’t you think of this earlier? I’ll be back in mid December. Is that too soon?

I absolutely love the idea…

But i’m afraid my biggest hurdle will be geting the parents to OK the idea. :slight_smile: I would try my hardest to make it.

I’m in the same predicament as XWonka.

If it’s after school ends, definitely. If it’s not, then I won’t make it.
My school year ends around June 5 or 6. Will it be after this?

im in

probably about 4 or 5 or the Royal Riders are in to :smiley: anybody near victoria nanimo or duncan area that would need a ride we have a 15 passenger van.

im in, school or no school

Maybe I’ll make it up there if I can stay with somone again like I did with Nathan at the CA MUni weekend. There’s money saved for something like this. And maybe I’ll have the video finished by then, or better yet, not have the video finished and be able to film more :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, this looks really awesome. So when is everybody coming to Tucson? :smiley:

I’d love to come…

but it’s Summer already . Or, haven’t you guys seen Santa with his sunnies on? I’ll be heading over to England sometime next year so I guess I won’t say no just yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Would love an (extremely good) excuse to stop by in Toronto again too.

I can’t make it, alsa, but Eublapharis13, you’ve GOT to go! I’m envious.


I’ll be in. can i bring the drunk girls you met in Flint?

I’ve also got a little something for you… i know the wait’s been long, but i’ve actually got it now…

email me.