2004 Moab MUniFest

I, Jonathan Ware, and my comrade, Jonathan Davis, Will be attending, no matter what parents might say. I think I’ll borrow my uncles van, and in such a case I can fit 6 more people. but if not I’ll be taking my dad’s truck, which mean’s none’yall can fit, y’hear, If needs be we can drive to the airport to pick ya’s up, we live in Draper, just below Salt Lake, so that should’nt be a problem. I’m currently saving for the rest of my MUni, and my birthday is July 11th, so I’m sure my parents will cover what I can’t. so anyway, I’ll post more on the details later, and by the way… I’m back!! it’s been a while, but finally I have time to post. I’m so stoked for Moab (I’m totally buying one of those bumper stickers that says, “london, Paris, Rome, Moab” or something to that effect. Sorry if this post makes no sense, because my mind is moving faster than my fingers, I hate that.

Uni Chum, Jonathan Ware

Since you’re going to fly in to somewhere that’s not close (ie Canyonlands airport is WAY too expensive), why not fly to SLC which has by far the most and the cheapest flights? It’s a nice drive - as I recall coming back last year was only 3:45.

We’re planning to go this year (2004 is tomorrow!) and liked the setup in town. I hate bringing camping gear plus unicycles. Either by itself is fine.

What are the killer trails to ride there (besides SlickRock and Porcupine Rim?)


Amassa Back Trail was pretty good last year, It even starts with a downhill-mega natrual rock stair-stepper from hell that will challenge the hell out of anyone. (Don’t forget the wrist guards.) The only other trials I’m familier with are the other two you already mentioned. I hope to try a few others this year, or at least try the Porcupine RIm again, this time NOT breaking a crank 4 miles from the end. :slight_smile:

See you there.

Ed Hansen

I’m hoping to go, but first I need to get the logistics done. What’s the lodging and ride situation? What will it cost to stay in moab for 3 days?

Depends on the quality you want. Estimate is a Best Western type room would be in the $75 to $90 range, but since you’re young and flexible you could pack six to eight pals in and reduce the rate.

Check out the fest website from last year…it has links to accomodations, and you can get a comparison sheet.

I like the AArchway Inn, but it’s pricey. Last year I stayed at the Best Western Redwell and it was more reasonable, plus still had a heated pool

There is also the camping option. It ain’t glamorous and you might not be able to score a shower every night, but it is the low cost lodging option. If you have the gear for cold weather camping (it can get below freezing at night) it’s the low cost option. However, if you have to buy a warm sleeping bag and other camping equipment then the cost advantages go away. Home base for the Moab Muni Fest is a campground near the famous Slick Rock Trail.

For comfort the hotel lodging wins out. Warm… Soft bed… Shower… Warm… Indoor plumbing…

But you’ll need a car for the hotel gig so you can get from the hotel to the riding area.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do this year. I might do the hotel bit or I might camp. I’ve camped the previous two times that I’ve been to Moab. I’m also not sure if I’ll drive or fly. Most likely I’ll drive or carpool.

Tom, can you provide a link to that website?
Also, do we need reservations for the campground? --chirokid–

I’m not Tom, but here’s the Moab Muni Fest web page

Rolf Thompson usually goes early to score enough camp sites for the people who have let him know that they plan to camp. I don’t think the campground takes official reservations. It’s first come, first served for camp sites.

Actually, if you’re flexible you could probably do without the car, since there will be a number of folks with cars that will be staying in town and I’m sure could help with rides. They might not be leaving the campsite to return to town exactly when you’d want, but if you’re flexible it shouldn’t be a problem getting around. Plus frankly the road from town to the trailhead is well traveled with bikers in pickup trucks…an extended thumb is a quick ticket.

There’s no place in the world better than southern Utah for camping in my opinion, but March can be pretty touchy. I backpack a lot, but last year ended up bailing into town after the first day because my 3 season bag…which had never let me down before…just didn’t cut it when it dropped into the teens.

This year I’m just going to plan on the motel option. I’ll help with rides when possible.


Thanks John. That is the info I was looking for.
Moab sounds awesome. --chirokid–


Me and the five kids are in.

I’m planning on going as well, and I’ll probably be doing the camping route again. I’ve got to land that outhouse drop!


Don’t forget the nose plugs, so you’ll have more time to set up. :wink:

Re: 2004 Moab MUniFest

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Dylan Wallinger <Dylan.Wallinger@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> wrote:
)I’m planning on going as well, and I’ll probably be doing the camping
)route again. I’ve got to land that outhouse drop!

Might I suggest you try it after Slickrock this time…

Hey Tom, are you going? If so, how will you be getting there? Where do you plan to stay?

Assuming Mr. Holub shows again as he damn well better, there are multiple Toms you could be asking this of…

Assuming it’s me Tom, I would say Yes I’m definitely planning on going. How getting there (I think) will be airline to either SLC or Grand Junction, then renting a car. We’re also talking about possibly just combining this trip with a family hiking trip in which case we might just pack up the old Durango-abago and drive down. On the where staying, most likely one of the two Best Westerns, but I’m going to shop first to find the best rates and heated pool / hot-tub combos.

Net/Net: Yes, but I haven’t given any thought yet to the details :smiley:

Yes, I meant Tom Holub, I would normally see him tonight for uni basketball, but it’s raining, and I have an excessive amount of Homework :frowning: .

me and team thedan.com are gona be there.

we are driving out and stoping in colorado to go snowboarding on the way out there.

looking forward to finaly making it to this event we missed iyt last year and i am still getting over it.

looks like its gona be a great time.


Re: 2004 Moab MUniFest

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gerblefranklin <gerblefranklin@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> wrote:
)Hey Tom, are you going? If so, how will you be getting there? Where do
)you plan to stay?

I’m going unless something really bad happens.
I will probably be flying to SLC and driving down with my girlfriend on
Thursday night.
We’ll definitely be motelling.

The webpage for the Moab MUniFest is now up and running. Don’t forget to email Rolf to tell him you’re coming!

Moab MUniFest site