2004 Moab MUniFest

Does Anyone know when the dates for Moab MUnifest-2004 will be? I emailed Rolf yesterday but was wondering if anyone else might know. I am trying to get the time off from work and the sooner I put in for it, the better (by far) my chances of getting it off.

I look forward to seeing you all again this year and meeting the rest of you who will be there.

Ed Hansen

Rolf emailed me while I was at work…
Friday the 26th, thru Sunday the 27th.

Slickrock, here I come!

What month? And what is the registration fee?



last i checked, there was a day between friday and sunday… oh i get it… saturday the 26.5!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…

I had just finished a double shift when I wrote that. I will attempt to clarify as follows:

Friday- March 26th, thru Sunday- March 28th. This includes Saturday- March 27th that is located directly between the two previously mentioned dates. These dates being Friday- March 26th and Sunday- March 28th, respectivly. All the dates mentioned, ( Friday- March 26th, Sunday- March 28th and Saturday- March 27th) are in the year 2004. This is next year, which follows this year with this year being 2003. If you are reading this more than one week from now, (now being Thursday- December 25th of 2003), then next year will actually be this year and you disregard all mentions of this year, next year, and last year. No mention of last year actually appears in the original mentions, however it does in this sentence and the last one, so now it exists in this message and you should also disregard these sentences as well as the previosly metioned ones just to avoid any confusion.

If you are still reading this then you probably already finished unwrapping your Christmas presents. If so, then you should go play with one or more of them, especially if one of the presents is a new unicycle.

I DiD GET A NEW UNICYCLE!!! yaayyy…hmm, thats all.

thanks for the clarification ratherbekayaking. i myself also got a new unicyle for christmas.


What kind of unis?


I got a new tire (Big Apple for my niner) and its just like having a new unicycle (but cheeper) because it rides so differently. I’m beside myself with glee! Not beside as in next to. Unless you’re reading this next year, the year which falls beside this year if written consecutively. But in that case, I got it last year…

Its glee all the same, I’d recognize it anywhere.:wink:

On Topic: I wish I could get out west.

i got an onza 20


If I were able to make it to Moab this year, where do most riders stay? Do we tent camp, cabins, motel?
Also, how far from Grand Junction to Moab. Would I need to rent a car for the weekend, or will shuttles be available? Can I shuttle from Grand Junction, or will I need to rent a car?
I found a flight from Ashville, NC to Grand Junction, CO for $452.00. --chirokid–

You should be able to find cheaper rates (and probably a car pool) from Salt Lake. That’s where most people flew into last year. And last year many people stayed at the campsite near slickrock while others stayed in motels in Moab. Either way, it’s pretty close to the action.

If you can check up flights with southwest airlines. They are extremely cheap and efficient. I dont have to pay anything for tickets because my father has so many frequent flyer miles he gets around 4 free tickets worth a month and i have close relatives in Salt Lake so… However the Munifest might be close to the Aquacadet summit and Aquabanian honor that i must not miss so it might be a close call in deciding. I wish i could go to both.Aquabats

Originally posted by chirokid
Also, how far from Grand Junction to Moab. Would I need to rent a car for the weekend, or will shuttles be available? Can I shuttle from Grand Junction, or will I need to rent a car?

Moab is around 2 hours from GJ. I suspect that there will be Co. people attending Moab MUni, which most people (except TRide) have to drive through.

You would definately want to stay in Moab. Camping is my first choice but there are plenty of motels in the area if you prefer.

Last year I went with some friends and we camped at the “Fins ‘n’ Things” campground.
I don’t recall the cost to camp (did we even pay?).

Since I live in Utah we drove the 3.5 hours from Lindon to Moab.

The closest (major?) airport to Moab is in Grand Junction, CO. However, many who attended last year flew into Salt Lake City and drove from there.

Depending on how things work out I may have some room for one or two passengers who need transportation from the SLC area.

Thanks for all the responses. I love to camp, so that sounds great. I will check more on airfare.

When I broke it to my wife this morning, she did’nt say NO! That gives me hope. Maybe I’ll be in Moab! --chirokid–

Last year Nathan Hoover and I organized a caravan of Caravans down from Salt Lake City. It’s a much bigger airport, so I think flights there are cheaper. Grand Junction is closer, but I think it definitely costs more to fly there.

So anyway, we may do the van thing again this year, and based on last year’s experience, maybe only put 4 people in each, because 5 makes the cargo space really tight, especially if people are camping!!

I shared a little cabin with the Hoovers and several other people. We might do something similar again this time, but I haven’t even looked into whether I can make it or not. If people are interested in flying to SLC and sharing in a van rental, please let me know.

I am trying to line up a journalist to cover the Moab ride this year. If he can go, he will try to sell the story as a magazine article.

I am gonna miss this year…again.:frowning:

It would be nice to get covered in a magazine. Everyone knows about Moab, and a little more coverage for the sport in a place that everyone knows would be great.

I flew into Grand Junction last year instead of SLC. It’s a shorter drive, and in my view a nicer one because it finishes with 20 miles or so of running parallel to the Colorado River. On a sunny afternoon, it’s spectacular.

I tried to camp last year, but bailed halfway through because the temperature was in the teens and my 3-season bag wasn’t cutting it. I’m bringing my son this year, and we may just elect for one of the local motels to save on hauling the extra camping gear. The Moab visitor’s website has lots of links to local lodging. It’s worth calling around, as rates and quality vary.