2004 Los Angeles River Ride

There is a cycle ride on Sunday, May 23, from the LA Zoo to Long Beach (35 miles, 70 roundtrip) mostly along the LA River bike trail. The ride is to benefit the LA County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC), and one of their major goals is to complete & maintain this trail.

Sounds like the perfect Coker ride – anyone else planning to ride a uni at the event?



Why yes, I am too!


Go for it!!

If I still lived in Long Beach, I would join you. I moved to northern California last Sept., but in August I did my first century on a similar course through mostly Orange County using the San Gabriel and Santa Ana Rivers.

It would be nice to have other unicyclists join you, but you’ll find that you won’t need that since the other cyclists will motivate you the entire time.

Good luck.