2004 KH Saddle?

When are these going to be available? Last I heard from Kris it was this summer. Well the sumer is nearly over.

I thought I heard the 2004 KH trials are out. Unicycle.com still says out of stock though. What is the story?

I have a new Kris Holm saddle and it is different from the pic on unicycle.com. But I don’t know it is the 2004 model. Guess I wasn’t that much help. Sorry

they’ll probobly be available as soon as the older ones are all sold :o

the new seats sound better with the newer thicker handle,thicker stiffiner, and removable seat cover etc. the thing is going to weigh even more now though.

I am waiting to get the new one. I hope they don’t sell all the old ones before they start selling the new ones, cause that will never happen if people are waiting like me.

on the kh24 i just ordered the saddle is different but it doesnt have a removable seat cover or anthing. I dont know why.


was it yellow? i ordered a yellow seat with my kh24 and it is quite radically from the other 2004 kh24 seats i’ve seen. i called uni.com and they said thats just the way it came to them from taiwan. not nearly as comfy in my opinion.



No it wasnt yellow it looks kind of normal only it seems longer and skinnyer and instead of that plasticy/rubbery stuff on the front and back they have cloth like the coloured sides only its still black.
It still says kris holm on it.

well, take a pic


I have lots of all Kris Holm unicycles in stock
if you are looking for one.

KH20 Freestyle 209.00 US
KH20 Trials 399.00 US
KH24 MUni 449.00 US

Shipping is about 25.00 US

The seats with removable covers will come with the next shipment of unicycles.
May not be available until early 2005.
The current ones will still be available as well.


Contact to order:
info @ bedfordunicycles . ca

just today i tried to take off my old saddle and 2 of the screws were stripped so i could not take it off, it was busted anyway so i took the cover off and the foam with it. guess what i find? the metal plate was snapped right in half. i took the remander and bent it in my hands, it was like tinfoil. and the plastic under it was stripped too, ill post a pic soon (they are way too hard on the padding too, the older kh saddles were softer). kris, plese make the saddles softer!

Nah, I’d rather he made them lighter and stiffer instead.

So I wouldn’t have to do this:

94. my minimalist approach to racing.  carbon fibre seatbase with foam strips.jpg

it must be tough creating products for such a fussy market.
bear in mind that getting exactly what you ask for from a tiawanesse manufacturer is significantly more dificult than getting blood from a stone,

if youre not squeezing the stone right at least you`ll know imideatly,

but if your tiwanesse manufacturer is cutting corners then i`ll be months before you find out.

anyone in this busness must have the patience of a saint.
we could start petitioning the pope to have kris, roger, darren et all beatified( made saints).

Doesn’t that hurt?

i meant the padding

Yeah :frowning:

Ohhhhhh, I feel your pain! I ride trials on basically the same seat, except my handle is green, the bumper is red, the seatframe is plastic, and there’s a deflated innertube and a few layers of ducttape to make it appear to have padding.