2004 KH Crank Bolt?

On the 2004 KH Crank bolt there is a little rubber/plastic washer thinky on the outside. Today i was practicing crankgrabs and the little thing popped out and i lost it in the grass.

My question is, is it a nesessary part or is it just cosmetic?

It’s necessary for the crank to self-extract. But you only really need one; you can move the one from the other side to be able to extract the one with the missing end cap.

If it has the rubber washer set in to the end of the crank it’s the '03 crannk (the '04 had dome bolts). It keep crap out of you crank interface, If you only ride street and trials I wouldnt worry about it.

tholub - on the '05 the screwed in end piece is needed to extract the cranks, the '04 and '03 cranks don’t need extracting as they have no taper and they have a pinch bolt which can be released, allowing the cranks to be slid off by hand.

Ok it is the 03 then…Thanks guys…I was getting worried for a minute

The same piece came off of one of my DX cranks, its no big deal, no need to worry.

Phew! Well im glad i asked…i woudl have driven myself nuts tring to find the darn thing if i kept thinking it was important:)

hehe the piece came off my dx too , but i glued them on :slight_smile: so they shouldn’t come off again