2003 NAUCC video is in my hands


I received my copy of the 2003 NAUCC video today.

It has a wide range of everything the convention had to offer all on one tape.

If you haven’t ever been to a unicycle convention you should get the tape so you can see how awesome the riders are and what can be done on one wheel.

It is a great way to get a idea of what to expect if you were thinking of attending a unicycle convention but haven’t yet.

If you were there and didn’t order one, make sure you get a copy. It is a great way to remember all the fun you had and you can see all the friends you met or hung out with again.

They did a great job making the video. Get one !


Re: 2003 NAUCC video is in my hands

How about if you weren’t there and you want a copy? What format did it come in? If it wasn’t dvd, will it be available in dvd?


They don’t list a DVD.

The address to order them is:

PO BOX 21487
Minneapolis, MN

25.00 including shipping in the US
30.00 including shipping to Canada

Order yours now !


is there any way to order online?

Flaming puck

Speaking of video, I am working on a flaming puck hockey video that will be about 2 minutes with full music and titles and stuff.

Its not done yet cuase Im lazy and I have to go to joeys house to edit it, but LOOK FOWARD TO IT, its gonna be butt-kicking-good.

ps. Ill post some big obnoxious post about how great it is when Im done. Ill also put it online, wee.

Hey Guys!
No, you can’t order the video online, only by mail. There is no DVD, sorry. But still the video is really good and shows a lot of stuff. (By the end of the movie you get sick of me)

-Ryan Woessner :slight_smile:


We were watching Amy do some great stuff. Were you there, too? :slight_smile:


I’m trying to imagine getting sick of watching Smiley do boring stuff and look mad doing it. I’m having a problem with it for some reason.

Is there a long segment of people with unbelievably cool temporary tatoos sporting them in less than modest locations? That would be a real crowd pleaser.

Let’s start a “Tired of Smiley” fan club! Ryan, if you could please collect togeather a few hundred hours of video and donate it to the cause, that might help. Oh, and of course lots of video of your pairs partner as well!

Then you can start up a tour, first stop Seattle. By the time you graduate, you can pick your next stop. :slight_smile:

-flounder “Tired of Smiley Fan Club”

Re: 2003 NAUCC video is in my hands

We received ours a few days ago too. We’ve only watched the first half so
far, but it was very fun to see myself finishing the 10K. I don’t think
I’ve ever been in a video before.
Thanks to TCUC for producing it, even though it probably isn’t going to
break even. I’m glad we bought it.
Scott’s out on his Muni somewhere in the boonies, hopefully just about
done with his ride because the sun is setting. He is riding “Trail
14: Crawfish Trail” from Lane County Oregon Mountain Bike Ride
It’s 12 miles, with 3400 foot elevation gain, and the book says it
is “difficult”. He called a couple of hours ago from the top of Adams Mt.
on the cell phone to say he was o.k. I would feel a lot better if he was
riding with someone…
I’ve been riding my 24" for exercise for a year now, riding an 8-mile loop
on riverside bike paths in Eugene while our youngest, Simon, is in Karate
class. Doing this three times a week is enough exercise for me to feel fit
and even lose a little weight. Takes about 70 or 80 minutes, so I ride
pretty slow. Although Scott put shorter cranks on (4" instead of 5", I
think), so I’m going a little faster. The change in cranks really messed
up my free mounting, though.
For those who don’t know me, I’m 51 and have been riding about five
years. The 10K at Unicon 11 gave me the confidence to try riding longer
distances, and I’m enjoying it a lot.


Scott, Jody, Vjera, Luke, Hope, Thad, and Simon Arnold:
The local unicycling family in Springfield, Oregon.

I would love to ride with him, I’m up in Corvallis and we have lots of good trails around here. I haven’t had any one to ride with around since Cliff left, ever once in awhaile I ride with the Salem riders over at Fall City. Send me an email

Jacquie and I watched/fast forwarded through to where the group/club performances started. That about killed her (she’s a Unicycle Widow, you know). The tape is a great visual record of the competition events and public show, but so far we didn’t see anything else. It’s great for searching through until you see yourself, and for watching the top artistic performances, but like most convention videos, it’s not really sit-down-and-watch-able.

Someday, someone will invest the time and effort to do a true “convention” video, capturing not only (some of) the events, but also the many other aspects of a unicycle convention that make it something we want to go back to year after year. If it’s interesting enough for a non-unicyclist, who wasn’t there, to watch all of, it has succeeded!

Any such video could not contain all competition artistic performances, for obvious reasons. But if a “watchable” video were produced, it would be easy for the producers of that to also put out an “everything” video.

The 2003 NAUCC video is a must for anyone who wants to remember the amazing performances, and to see some of what went on at this very large and very complete convention in MN.

Watching the women’s Expert Individual Freestyle, I was inclined to change my opinion of who should have won (with a lot of testimony from Jacquie). Champion Ashley Wood had by far the highest difficulty, but also had 7-8 dismounts during her performance, several of which were major momentum-breakers. Amy Johson, though much lower on difficulty (not including mastery), had only two dismounts. I now believe she should have been first, and Ashley second.

I was one of the judges, so I hope this doesn’t start a big controversy. My changed opinion does not mean I think competition results can or should be changed (they shouldn’t). But maybe a little controversy, or at least discussion, would not be a bad thing. Showing the performances to several non-unicyclists, all assumed Amy should have been the winner. Jacquie, who has watched a lot of performances, was not as keen on the difference in difficulty level, but still believed that 8 dismounts should not win over 2, unless the other performance aspects are much more widely separated.

Ashley and Amy’s performances were not largely different on the Presentation side, both being single-unicycle, no-prop, strings of tricks in the “TCUC style,” with (what I perceived as) similar levels of choreography and character). Neither act stood out in a big way to me on the performance aspects of Presentation.

Because Freestyle is purely subjective judging, there is no easy way to quantify dismounts. You can’t just take off a certain amount of points, because nothing else has a fixed point value either. I don’t have a good solution to offer on how to deal with dismounts in relation to performances that may in other ways be like apples and oranges.

Though I don’t think we can set any specific numbers in stone, we should encourage a little more “success” in the higher levels of artistic competition. Separate from this, I’m sure we would benefit from a system for training, rating, and certifying judges. Currently we have nothing, other than the memory of who judged before, and a few criteria for who’s allowed to judge at the higher levels, though these are not always followed due to lack of pre-arranging judges before competition time.

I’m assuming you mean Amy Shields? :slight_smile: Lindsay Johnson was 3rd. You accidentally mixed their names, I think.


Yes, Amy Shields! Sorry Amy.