2003 Harper Ride Sat 15th 1pm. Now at DVP in Toronto!

To all those who are interested in attending the 2003 Harper ride originally slated for Hardwood Hills.

HH is closed doe to snow, so we will now be meeting at the Don Valley Parkway trail at 1pm on Saturday the 15th.

Come on out and make this a huge MUni ride!

Here are those directions (coming from the West):

  •      401 East to Bayview Ave (which is West of the 404/Don Valley Parkway)
  •      South on Bayview to Eglington Ave.
  •      East on Eglington Ave to Laird Dr.
  •      Laird South to Redway Rd (traffic light just after the first train tracks underpass)
  •      Right on Redway Rd. Proceed to Loblaws parking lot and park close to the trees on the south

Here’s a map …


if you are coming and need further directions, shoot me an email or reply here.

See you there

Is that WITH Harper or IN Harper?

Be carefull, he’s sneaky.

Free Church?

I’ll take it!

The Harper ride turned out to be fantastic.

Finally getting to meet someone so important to this forum, and to unicycling in general was a great honour, Greg was really fortunate to meet me!

The weather was perfect for riding, the trails, although a little slick in places, made for good riding.

The wooden stunts were plentiful, and they were all pretty unique stunts, not a lot of repetition.

These are all pretty small files:

Here is Carl Gliding. He makes it seem so easy. Note: I pride myself in the quick video recovery after my UPD…which you can see does not take long.
Carl Gliding

Here is Carl, then me, then Greg coming down a wild skinny. Holding the camera is Jamie (uni_guy), the camera work is a little shaky, as he is nursing his shoulder, knee, and ego after falling off of this same stunt into the tree. Lucky he was OK, it could have very easily been BAD!
Long Skinny

Here is Brian followed by Carl making for a pretty cool flow. Carl’s timing was critical to hit the teeter-totter at exactly the right time. The creepiest part for me was opting to just ride off the drop (2.5-3 feet) and landing with my unfavoured foot directly at the bottom. I’m sure you can understand my uneasiness on impact?
Brian Carl Flow

Point of interest: I am riding a stock Bedford Alloy Rim/cheapo hub. This would make a fantastic beginner MUni wheel for those on a budget

nice vids sofa. Looks like a really fun ride. Damn. It’s times like this i curse the fact i live in France Polynesia.

One too many cocktails with dinner to reply. Maybe tomorrow. And Sofa has the BEST avatar I’ve ever seen!

I saw the videos, Brian. Great editting job. How did you get your head on Jamie’s shoulders for the shots? Oh, that’s right, you pushed Jamie into a tree and knocked his head off.

Riding with the Ontario crew was a blast. WAY more slippery mud than I’m used to. I felt so dirty afterward. The hill that Carl was gliding down was steeper than the image portrays. In the teeter totter video, I shot it because the mud was too slippery for me to handle at the bottom of the drop. The teeter totter i finally conquered.

Brian is every bit as funny in person as he is in print. Make this trip to the great north if you have a chance. Just don’t let them sucker you into driving 4.5 hours for a MUni ride.