2003 Coker question

I saw a 2003 Coker that appears to be in good condition on Ebay starting bid for around $289 plus $20 shipping. How much do you think the uni is worth?

Just be aware that Unicycle.com is selling something about the same level gear for about $450

So if you were paying no more than about $300 all up it might be an ok price.

Main thing to check on the Coker is which rim it has. The newer Coker rims are good, and this would be a good uni to start your 36er experience on (I’ve been very happy with my ~2008 Coker Big One).

That Nimbus has a totally different rim and tire, not sure it’s that great a comparison. . .

Yes, the original Coker rim was not so great. I don’t think you could upgrade to a (rim) brake with that rim, or at least not reliably. Otherwise it’s a decent deal if the cycle is in good shape. Not if it’s in rough shape.

Thanks for the advice. I will pass on this one. Who knows, maybe I’ll buy a new one some day. It’s tough for me to justify the expense for a new 36" after buying a new 29" Road last year.