2002 Calif Muni Weekend Video

Ben asked about the video so I thought I’d update you guys. The video is
complete (but I haven’t seen it yet so can’t say how it came out.) If you
pre-ordered one, you should get it by Thanksgiving - I believe they were
actually mailed out last Saturday or Monday. It was mailed from a small town
in Northern Calif where they continually have trouble with mail - I sent her
a check and it took 11 days to get there, less than 200 miles. Coker
delivery would’ve been faster. So don’t panic if it takes a while. If you
think of it, when you get yours, send me an email.

If you didn’t preorder one and want one, you’ll be able to, but I’m not sure
how or how soon. I’ll annouce it here when they are available.