2000km charity ride. Winter 2008.

Hi everyone,
here is a vid i put together from the pictures i took on my 2000km charity ride in my last university holidays. Hope you enjoy- just a picture slideshow but there are some good snaps in there.


Wow, respect and cool pictues ^^!

Very cool! I did not see how much you raised…what a worthy endeavor!

hi videotoast- yeah i made the vid before i had finalised all the donations and so it didn’t feature. But at the moment it looks like i raised somewhere between $5000-$6000 US dollars for the group. It may not seem like much, but for a group that runs on $200,000 US dollars a year it will help them buy new equipment or run more programs than they would be able to previously.
ps- people can donate at anytime so if anyone is interested just follow the links and make that figure a little larger!