$200 torker dx, worth it?

I can buy a used (very good cond.) 24" torker dx for 200. What are they worth?

150 $ tops

This is a strong uni that was more popular a few years back. Now that the ISIS crank standard and 42 mm bearing standard are the new black, the odd sized and over priced parts on the dx series, combined with heavy frames make the dx series look very long in tooth now.

But what if your choice is between buying a new lx for 130 ish with shipping or grabbing a newish looking dx from someone nearby for 150 $ ? A dx is way better, even though it’s cranks and bearings are weird sizes. If it doesn’t look like it is broken or bent or been in a plane crash, or for that matter, if it was only a small plane crash, the dx will last much longer than a new lx or club. It is a real splined hub uni.

Thanks, thats what my research on this site has seemed to show.