200-Miles - He did it again!!


I live about halfway on the Seattle/Portland route and kept my eye out all day. My son and I drove the course backwards looking for him asking cyclist along the way and getting the mixed “Yep, just past him a while back” and “Nope, haven’t seen him”. One day, one day…

My wife and I saw him in Kent, Washington at about 630am. We did a 1 day stp together, her first 1 day 200 mile bike ride. After I saw him I couldn’t stop thinking about my goal of completing this on my unicycle. Riding the bike is my rehab from a knee injury and surgery last December from a UPD I had. I am so inspired by the gentlemen who have completed this ride unicycling. I hope to add my name to this list next year. Serious training begins in September. I am humbled by your ability and tenacity.

I crossed over in Portland about 530 pm Sunday. I will post something up when I get some pictures and all that, makes it more interesting.

TMason: I will give you my Cell# next time and just let you know where I am and you can come ride with on your uni for a while,it’s an egofluffapalooza ya know : )

Keith: Congratulation to you and your wife both. There is no easy way to pedal anything to Portland from Seattle. You guys must have been moving right along. Nice work.

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