200+ Club weekend Muni-SoCal

Last weekends San Juan Trail Muni was so fun, we should get together for something else this week end. Any interest?

I think Noble canyon would be awesome, and the shuttle doesn’t take as long. A good intermediate skills lever ride would be Backbone, starting out of Will Rogers State park, or Pratt in Ojai. Also lots of great trails in SB. Also Simi has several great ones, but are more technical, as you know! :slight_smile:

I would be up for something perhaps a little less epic than San Juan.

Haha, well then forget my suggestions, especially Noble C, which would make San Juan trail look like walk in the park! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t mind difficulty - I just don’t want to be out for 5 hours

I hear ya. That’s why I usually go solo, because I like to do all-day rides! Also, there’s the setting up camera/video shots, maybe some UCC, taking my time. That just doesn’t really lend itself to riding with a group. Last ride I took a break from my normal routine for the group ride, which I do enjoy from time to time.

Jeff, You know a lot of trails in the south, pick something, I’m in. Terry, If no one else wants to do something local, I might go for Noble.

No problem Jim, we can always ride Noble later in the year, maybe even organize a big group ride.

Hi Jeff,

Nice of you to hang out with all of us old guys.

I would be up for something this Saturday, but I need to be done by around 1 PM. What do you suggest?


9:00 Santiago Oaks @ the Mabury trail head (Corner of Mabury Ave and Orange Park Blvd)

From the 5 - Jamboree N / left on Santiago / right on Cannon / right on Serrano / right on Mt McKinley / turns into Mabury / park at last trail opening on right.

From 55 - Katella E / tuns into Villa Park / Turns into Santiago / left on Cannon / right on Serrano / right on Mt McKinley / turns into Mabury / park at last trail opening on right.

The trail is about 6 miles with lots of options - a few hike-a-uni (at least for me) hills but lots of single track downhill to make them worth while. Jim you might know Santiago Oaks by “3 Bitches” “Chutes” or “Waterfall”.

Jeff 714-875-8518

It looks like Sat am is out for me. Sunday is free all day.

I’ve got the perfect trail, especially for Scott & Jeff. It’s also about 70 miles closer to Jim, than Noble canyon! It’s Sullivan Canyon trail! Let me give the main bullet points:

  • NO shuttle, just park and ride!
  • NO adventure pass, parking is free
  • Trail is fully shaded, and NOT overgrown, so no branch strikes!
  • No "Ruts" to pedal strike on!
  • Out & back and easy, totally rideable climb, with only a few short hike a bike toward the very top.
  • No poison oak!
  • Wide, fun, variety of single track
  • Only moderately technical in a few sections, and intermediate at most.
  • Amazing, beautiful scenery and views
  • Total length is only 9 miles round trip, or can turn around at any point.
  • The ride back down is a BLAST! You can really bomb it, or just take it easy.
I did this trail this morning and went the entire length. Took me only 2 hours at leisurely pace, with several breaks for snacks and adjustment/tightening of saddle bolts. Fun Fun FUN! :):D

Ok, I got the PERFECT idea for Sunday, 5/30/10! A 36er BEACH ride! We start at the beginning at Torrance beach (As we’ve done several times) and enjoy a fun ride through Redondo, Hermosa, Playa & Marina Del Rey, and into Venice Beach! Hang out there for a while, grab lunch and see the sights, then ride back. This would be a great weekend for a 36er ride for sure, and the more the merrier! Chime in if you’re in! :smiley:


My friend Dave and I are going to do Whiting Ranch Muni starting at about 8:15am. All are welcome to join. It is a 6 mile loop, moderate difficulty. 1 decent climb.

Anyone up for Sunday ride? I got a pass for the day!!