200+ club/ SoCal Muni on Saturday

Anyone want to do a long Muni Saturday? 2 of us have discussed Simi or Sulivan Canyon(Terry?) or something different. I think it is still cool enough to do Simi.

I was planning on riding my 29er at Cheeseboro trail in Agoura Hills this Saturday, starting about 7am. It’s a perfect trail for a 29er and about 15 miles out/back.

Perfect weather for some fun MUni today! I met Jim and Dave at about 10:30am at Sullivan canyon, and we did 9 miles out & back. I had already done 11 miles at Cheeseboro earlier this morning, hitting that trail at 6:45am!

So after my 11 miles there I met them for another 9, for an even 20! (I also got a bad ankle sprain when we had just started, when my pedal snagged the side of a ledge drop!:frowning: But I still did the whole ride.) Me, Jim and Dave all had our '09 KH 29ers! Too bad the Gas co. is closing Sullivan again for three months, starting 8/4/10. At least we all got one last ride! :frowning:

Sunday, 8/1/10, we’re meeting for a 29er ride, starting at 8am at the water tower house in Sunset beach! (Corner of Anderson & PCH) Btw, if you want to rent it, it’s only $4,000 per week! So bring your 29 or 36er and join Jim, Dave and me for a casual, fun ride along the beach Bike path.

We’ll go about 14 miles to the end of the bike path and see the famous “Wedge” surf spot, then back, for a 28 miler. We may stop in Newport or Huntington beach for a bite of lunch. There’s lots of cool boardwalk places to eat with seating outside to enjoy the sights! :smiley: PM or drop a reply here if you can join us.