20" Yuni frame for freestyle

I told Jerry that I’d post this question for him. Jerry is 12 yrs. old, one of newest Level 5 riders, and just purchased a new 20" Yuni frame to use in building a trials machine someday. But for the time being, he took his 20" freestyle wheelset off his Torker frame and mounted it on his new Yuni.

He and I were discussing the benefits and hinderances for his new Yuni frame for freestyle. It seems to me that the narrow Torker frame would lend better for maneuverability in a freestyle routine but Jerry found that he really likes the grippyness of the Yuni crown for one-foot skills. So we’re torn between the two.

Any experiences or input from anyone on the subject?

The one thing we’re both excited about is that we think the Yuni frame is one good lookin’ frame…as far as frames go. Maybe it’s just because it’s new and shiny.


I’m about to buy a Yuni 20" Trials unicycle with the Profile hub and crank setup. I should have it pretty soon, so I’ll tell you what I think of the frame when I get it. I agree that it’s a nice-looking frame and I’ve heard from heaps of people that the squared-off sort of frame shape is really good for one-footed stuff.