where can i find a 20"x3.0 tire?

I dont think they make them


We should all send Nokian something telling them to start making a 20"X3.0" Gazzoloddi. Now that would be Pimp

I would think that a 3" tire would make it even easier to hop on. Or would it make it to big and heavy?

There was something ages ago on the first ever production built (or maybe not production built - not sure) 20x3" tire. Do a search and you should be able to find the thread.

3.0 would make it easier to land on thin stuff and ride on thin stuff, im not sure if you could jump easier or higher though.

I don’t think it would.

Landing on things like railroad tracks already bend my tire over the rail, and I don’t see how having a wider tire would make a difference. You’re working with a thin landing zone, and getting more width around it is going to be exactly that, you’ll have more tire folding over around it that’s not making contact.

I’d like to hear about somebody riding on one an seeing if there’s any improvement, but the tire market for trials wheels is driven by mod bike trials. They put a ton of pressure on the tire by doing much higher sidehops and drops than unicyclists (at least when comparing elite riders in both areas) and haven’t gone through to make a wider tire.

a wider tire would cover a larger area thus giving more stability

Yes u r right:D

Bedford has the 20"x3.0 fireball tire for sale, as far as I know.

Another thing is that 3.0’s vary from 2.6 to 2.8 usually, where my luna tire is something like 2.675 or something and my echoes are like 2.6. So it’s not a huge difference. Also, the trials tires are made for trials and have better sidewalls, compound etc.

yeah, you can’t really trust the measuring on the side of the tire. different companies must each use different measuring methods. Some must be measured sidewall to sidewall while others are measured by the tread width. The IRC Kujo 24x3" is wider than the Nokian Gazz 24x3". Too bad there isn’t some sort of standard for measuring tire widths, that way you would know what you’re getting.

Some measure with LOAD on the tires. There is a standard way to measure them, a tape. Everything doesn’t need to be done through the internet.

ive seen a tire made by Giant thats 20"x3". it would require custom frame tho. its also $40. it could be good tho. check their site and see if you can see the tire.

The point I’m trying to make is that you’re better off with a trials tire.