20 x 4 1/4 tire

Did anyone already post about this tire size?


I was in Toys R Us last week and saw this tire on the bicycle and had to see what size it was. My memory may have faded. It was either 20 x 4 1/4 or 20 x 4 1/2.

It’s on the new Schwinn Stingray bicycle. It is low profile and wide like a motorcycle tire. Not sure how good it would be for trials. The spoke nipples don’t go down the middle of the rim, They alternate off center.

Sure would make a funky unicycle if a frame was made for it.

There was a thread a little while ago about this bike and tire. I would like to see one, but i don’t know what good it would be on a uni. I think if it were a tad larger, and fairly well made, it would make a nice beach cruiser.



I sat on the new Stingray bike at a local bike shop. I like the look of the bike. It would be a neat bike for just cruising slowly along. Unfortunately the frame isn’t sized right for a 6 foot adult. I had the seat raised as far as it would go and my knees were still almost hitting the handlebar grips. The bike and riding position is just too far out of proportion (it just doesn’t look right) for someone 6 feet tall. For someone shorter (like maybe 5’6" and under) it is a cool bike. It’s really sized for kids rather than adults and teens. What Schwinn needs to do is make a large frame version so it can fit adults.

I want to see Darren Bedford’s chopper uni when he gets it built.

Last friday i was part of a joint purchase of a new Sting Ray bike. The size of the frame is 20", and the bike is pretty small, despite the fact that it’s 6 feet long! I have heard that Schwinn will be making a limited production 26" frame bike in june and i really would recommend buying one to anyone who likes cruising and relaxing.
The ride is very smooth, and when i rode it with my uniing buddy, people were noticing the crazy bike before the uni!!! Definitely a rad chopper!!

OK…so who will be the first to make a Coker “Wheelman” version of the new Stingray, with 36-inch wheels??


In my opinion, this bike is super uncomfortable to ride. A guy around my house bought one and let me take a test ride, and I have to say I didn’t like it. Its seems like it’s “fashion over function.” Granted, its a sick looking bike, and the back tire would make an insane uni, its just an uncomfortable bike.