20" x 3" tires !!!

This just in…

I was holding a 20" x 3" tire in my hand on the week-end… yes, 20" x 3"…
just like the 24" x 3" Fireball !

It is sweet !!!
May be a cool new trials tire.

There is also a 20" x 3" tube available now as well.

I will be working on getting them.
No more info at this time but I will post again when I do.

I do have a picture of it but it is still in the camera. 35mm, not digital.

I will post it soon,


Bedford Unicycles
info @ bedfordunicycles . ca

Cool! Does it fit a 19 inch rim or a 20?

I’m sure it fits a real 20" rim, not the 19" trials rim.


Knobby? Tread? Slick?

“like a Dyno Fireball”…
So slick with a fireball tread.

what frames will it fit?

I would expect you’d have to use a 24 inch frame thats already capable of taking 3" tyres.

whoa! i will buy one of those when you get em. will they fit in trials frames, such as the KH and the ONZA? cant wait to see pic.

it might be this one.

I was thinking of that same tyre- didn’t John Childs(?) have a post on it a while ago? It was marketed as 20x3.45" or something silly?

nope,that was the Hoggy-G trye…look it up yourself…

Look what up myself? The tyre? Don’t really care that much.

Any Idea on what companies are distributing/manufacturing these? Im curious to know.

The tire is spec’d on the Giant “Stilletto”.

  • Frank

will a hoggy 24" fit on a 26" Yuni frame? Will a 20x3 inch tire be a good tire for a BC wheel?

I wouldnt think so cause it would keep rubbin against your legs.

Didn’t Darren Bedford build a huge BC wheel for Ryan Atkins or Jeff Groves? 24x3" or something? I’m sure he said there were (surprisingly) no leg clearance issues.