20" wheel on a 24" frame

i’ve seen in a couple of trials and street vid’s where a rider uses a 20" wheel on a 24" frame. i don’t quite understand this as it just seems to me as it would add weight with the bigger frame. does anybdy have a clue as to why people do this?

Because there 20" frame broke down…


or cause they have a muni frame and wheel set and just bought a trials wheelset so they could do both with out buying a hole other uni.

its like what 4 bolts and 2 mins to change wheelsets. so why not

because its big and annoying and in the freaking way.
and it makes freestyle tricks infinitely harder.

not everyone has an extra 50-200 bucks to blow for a trials frame. Some people save up for this crazy thing that you might not know about called college.

yes like me i love unicycling but my uni aint that good because i cant afford a good one like a KH.every last penny of my money goes on petrol for my juice drinkin cbr600.and collage stuff i think its a good idea and i supose you would just get used top the bigger frame over time .

I know all about that
but thats what scholarships are for.
and besides, unicycling is more important anyways(lol)

but its stupid to do that, why not just get a 24" cheapo rounded crown frame, noone has ever broken one of them (that I know of).

EDIT:and just get an average square top frame.

just keep an eye out on ebay, not many gd unis come up but when/if they do they go cheap