20" vs 24" BC Wheels

Im interested in getting a BC now. The thing is, do I get a 20" or a 24" or bigger (Evan?). Ive heard that the 24" is faster, but this makes no sense! Also, I clearly need a 14mm axle on my wheel and some plates n’ bolts.

What do you guys recomend?

20" is 50000x better than 24"!

Just kidding, I just said that to make Evan argue. Which I know he will anyway. I have a 20", and it works just fine for me, but 24" are more stable when going fast. Not that they are faster, they just don’t… ‘wobble’ as much.
so I’ve heard.

Im not really looking for speed here anyway. Is a $50 BMX front wheel going to be good enough and is that all I need (except plates and the stuff to hold them on)? Im light too, so I dont need anything crazy strong!

for the plates i just got some metal for school and got my dad to weld the mtogether and drill a hole and they are great plates. i hae a 26 inch wheel cause thats what i had at the time and it seems pretty big. if you want to do tricks and hops get a 20"

yeah, buy a bedford delux or something like that. or if your willing to pay about 270 for a top of the lie bc get the trials bc from bedford

If you plan on doing hands-on-tire moves like bodyspins, plateflips, etc etc… you will NEED a 24" or 26", I would recomend a 26".

More hands on tire tricks are being thought up so I would suggest taking that into consideration when you decide.

Mine is like that, and it works fine for what I do with it (coast down hills and some small jumps). For plates you can try to find some angled steel or alluminum and just drill holes for the axle to go through. Mine are 1/4" thick steel, which weighs quite a bit but is probably never going to break.

is it very much harder doing stuff like that on a 20" BC?

If your 4’ft tall, A midget, Or bryan Stevens, then no. Otherwise yes it is very hard, and makes these tricks very unpleasant.

Evan your no taller than bryan stepens and both you and me are close to being 4 ft midgets

Im 5’ 5", Remember it was almost a year since you last saw me.

Anyway, Even if you are short, 20"s barely cut it for hands on tire.

If you plan on doing mainly park lines, hopping, grinding, gaps, go for a 20.

If you plant to do more ahnd on the wheel type stuff, go for a 24.

If you are really just gonna do hand on the wheel stuff, a 26 would be easier to reach and grab.

Personally, I saw get a 24, It is probably the most versitile in the wheel sizes, cause it easily lets you do aobut everything, then once you get used to that, or just want another wheel, get a 20inch.

i have never ridden a bc but i would say get the 24" cause then you can use the fireball tire which looks awesome

Use a tire just for its looks? Hmm, (noob.), The fireball has a very painfull ridge on the sidewall which eats your leg with or without leg wraps.

I’m 5’9".

That is absolutely untrue Bryan.

Wow, I’m 5’9" (maybe 5 10)

AWW WHOOPS!! :astonished:

I’m 4’9". :stuck_out_tongue:


im 4 foot 9 too:)