20" United/Monty with Profiles for sale.

I am selling my 20" United/Monty unicycle. The unicycle comes with a 20" United frame that is powdercoated a translucent red over the factory chrome finish. The wheel is built with a Monty 20" trials rim, black 14ga Marwhi spokes, and a lifetime warranty Profile hub. The tire is a semi-worn Monty with a 16" custom moped tube. The cranks are 145mm Profiles in black, also backed by the lifetime warranty, and have a set of Odyssey Twisted PC platform pedals attatched to them. The equipped seat is a red Miyata airseat with a Gold Roach cover.
This setup retails at $530 new at unicycle.com, not shipped.
The retail on this does not include the price of an airseat (additional $50), custom moped tube ($15), or the custom powdercoating work (another $50).
I’m asking $450 plus shipping anywhere in the continental US. I can be reached via e-mail or on AOL Instant Messenger at Accord442.
Also included is 2 spare spokes, and the original Profile box with all paper work.

Your not selling off your unicycles just because of a measly broken neck, are you?

“Lewis… Lewis! Turn off the targeting computer on your bank account. Let go of your green-backs, Lewis…”

(It’s not everyday that somebody’s mom makes him sell his wheel to cover medical bills :wink: )


I’m far from giving up the sport. Just have to take care of some things here, and some things there. Black Panther II will be in the works though shortly.


Extremely detailed pictures of the unicycle can be found here.
Please note that different pedals will be included, and that both bumpers will be red.

thats the most gleaming “powder coat” i’ve ever seen.are you sure thats not Imron paint?

Not trying to brag, but the unicycle looks even better than in the pictures. Also notice that the bearing holders were powdercoated to match also. The guy who did the powdercoating did an awesome job.

Sold. Thanks everyone.