20" Unicycle w/ Decent Saddle

I’m looking to buy a 20" unicycle. Preferable with a good seat, that adjusts well since I’m 6ft tall and need it higher than most people. Standard cranks and everything else. I’m learning to unicycle and decided to get my own, so I’m not looking for anything expensive. I’m willing to pick it up if its in the Manhattan area, or close to one of the subway stops outside of Manhattan.


Oh and I would prefer pictures…

Unicycle 4-Sale

I have several Schwinn 20" for sale! (selling my teaching fleet) I can offer the taller seat post. They offer 2 standard sizes. I even have a custom “super tall” post if you need it. I ship from Maine, USA. Great condition. $100.00 plus shipping cost. (super tall seatpost is $20.00 extra) Best to send message to sheila@tricksterfox.com or call me at 207-441-4784.:slight_smile: