20" unicycle MONSTER

This uni is in perfect condition = barely used.
It has 5.5" cranks.
Buyer collects.:smiley:

I’m kind of tempted.

What’s it like to ride? It looks like a tank.

Has element of inertia = heavy wheel.Good on flat surface.I kept 20 psi to get best handling but…I am not good unicyclist…still shaky one.I need two hands off the saddle to ride at all.Witold. :angry: :roll_eyes:


I offer you 50$ for the unicycle. In negotiating it’s good to start small.

Well, as one sold on eBay here just a week or two ago for $200, I’m looking forward to your opening offer for collection. Bermuda? :slight_smile:


Not today Josephine…

Dear Packeruni,
It is very generous starting offer.Unfortunately the Monster was sold while ago on E-bey.All the best.Witold. :roll_eyes: